Liver and Gallbladder detox

Spring detox starts now for liver and gallbladder wellness!

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Its really exciting that we are taking this journey of spring time detox therapies together. Did you start taking vitamin C in the last few weeks? Citrus fruits, fresh juices, fruit salads are all great ways to add vitamin C to your diet.

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Now we are going to start with green foods, fresh salad shoots and small weeds plus enjoying the benefits of starting to cleanse our liver, gall bladder and digestive tract.


Our digestive tract is a long hollow tube that runs from our mouth to our anus. Its designed to be filled at meals and then emptied completely so that it sits as a hollow organ waiting for the next meal. The processes that food undergoes when it enters our digestive tract is awesome. Starting as delicious meals that are full of flavour and nutrients and then being broken down by the chemical reactions in our stomach and small intestine, only to have the nutrients extracted and assimilated into our body and then the waste to travel down to the large intestine where it is filtered and excreted through faeces.


We are really miraculous in our working body and its something to be highly respected.


In this early stage of spring, we are now only entering the true wooden element where we cut away the old wood and dead branches and plant the seeds of growth and goodness in our bodies.


This is done through some simple strategies that can be done to the best of your ability and done daily. To be successful in any detox cleansing plan we need to focus on each day and do our best daily.

This week we are starting to detox the liver and gallbladder with wholesome vegetables and fruits. Try to get your diet as close to being plant based as possible this week. Just start, go slowly as we have all spring to do our detox and if we are slow and steady in the process then we will achieve results that keep us healthier and clearer in our mind, body and spirit!


This week the plan is to get some good herbal teas in your kitchen and drink them as replacements to other beverages in the house. Keep the herb teas delicious. We like peppermint because its so deodorising and calming on the whole body, it smells and tastes delicious! We also like chamomile in the evenings because it is antimicrobial, calming and helps you sleep better!


Herbal medicines to introduce this week are milk thistle as a protective herbal for the liver allowing the liver cells to stay string and do their job effectively while you are detoxing. We also want you to start on some globe artichoke for the gall bladder this week and this helps remove the debris that builds up in the gall bladder to cause small stones from cholesterol and hormonal deposits. We also recommend you take some dandelion root and leaves as this is not only bitter and aids digestion, but it also helps cleanse the blood and remove excess liver toxins as they enter the blood stream. Add to that a little black walnut hull extract to help start detoxing the large intestine from parasites and debris and we have a pretty good start to detox season.

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Heres a juice recipe for you!

Green clean and delicious.

I called into Kunara foods today, and they stock our wonderful herbal skin balms,

So I stopped at the café and got this juice which I think is pretty perfect for a spring time detox juice. They call this one green goddess.

Juice together kale, parsley, spinach and lemon juice with fresh green apples.



Everyone knows how much I love green apples as they are so healthy for your gall bladder and they are associated with blood sugar regulation. They improve healthy gut bacteria they old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is true with all that fibre, assisting also in digestive function, and they are also a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food especially for the digestion.


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