Welcome. we offer 100% free community clinics as our core model. Please make a booking for telehealth, Maleny Dispensary or come to The Eumundii Markets or festivals to see us. We offer you  our handmade organic herbal medicines to purchase. Blessings Dom and crew. 



Trading hours Open 

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm   Please call us for your questions and herbal medicine, body product communications 0409765033 or book online for telehealth. 

Saturday 7am to 1pm Eumundi Markets. 

We now have telehealth for our free online community clinics.

Our Maleny  herbal dispensary and clinic open to the public every Weds from 10am to 3pm to come by and get your herbal supplies . Make your booking here.  Or if you want to pick up medicines contact us for address and details. 


We also offer free 25  minute  Telehealth video online consultations  for those who can't travel to Maleny. . Once the appointment is made its easy. We just meet online at the time and your appointment link will show up automatically in a video format face to face. 

Click on this link and book for online only. Make sure you click Telehealth link 


phone us +61 409 765033 anytime during business hours or leave a message via email or phone and we will get back to you asap. 

email us wellness@medicineroom.net  (anytime)  

Contact us directly for your herbal medicine repeats and new formulations in our free community clinic vis phone or email.    

Let us help you when you are busy, conscious of your health and wanting simple doable solutions. We can have you feeling well and vibrant with our consultations, conversations, herbal medicines and practical daily dietary solutions that are organic, natural and great value.