Complimentary Naturopathic and Herbal Clinics

Are you looking for natural ways to improve your health and wellness? If so, you might want to visit our free walk-in community clinics on various platforms, including Maleny Dispensary, Eumundi Markets, and Telehealth online.

Our clinics are led by experienced naturopaths and herbalists who can offer you personalised advice and solutions. You can also buy our handmade organic herbal medicines and body products at our clinics. We have a range of herbal teas and other products that can suit your needs and preferences.


Maleny Dispensary (Thursday): 30 Coral St, Maleny QLD 4552
Eumundi Markets (Saturday): 80 Memorial Drive, Eumundi QLD 4562

Book Telehealth

Phone: 0409765033


Tuesday & Wednesday: PHONE/ONLINE ONLY. Call us on 0409765033 and chat about your herbal and naturopathic requirements. We can formulate herbs and post them to you or arrange contactless pick-up in Maleny. You do not need to make an appointment to call us.

Wednesday Afternoon: TELEHEALTH. Book Here. This is the only clinic we take bookings for. It is also a complimentary community clinic. Limited places each week. 

Thursday: MALENY CLINIC OPEN 10am - 3pm. Walk in (no appointments needed) and get herbal formulations, body products, and loose organic tea.

Friday: PHONE ONLY. Call us on 0409765033.

Saturday: FREE CLINIC EUMUNDI MARKETS 7am - 1pm. Walk in (no appointments needed) and enjoy our free naturopathic and herbal services. If we are not in attendance, call 0409765033.

Sunday - Monday: CLOSED 

Please note that we do not use social media for naturopathic advice or prescriptions. Please use email or phone services instead.