Spring Detox strategies to release mucous from your body

Detox mucous from your body plus release old suffering with detox strategies

Hello and how are you this week?

This blog covers more detox therapies that you can do at home plus great tips on how to continue your spring cleansing season and set your body up for wellness and joy! 

This is the third week of September and we have been focusing on detoxing in a really gentle way till now. I have been thinking about suffering and how i suffer! and also how I contribute to suffering in others and to the planet. When we detox our bodies we also have many things coming up in our emotional body and our mental body! Emotional suffering and mental suffering all play a part in the detox process and this week its been on my mind. I made a decision a long time ago not to allow any suffering to enter my body, this changed the way I ate and as much as possible I have stuck with this. However now I want to go deeper into the self sabotage and suffering that I feel and create for myself through lifestyle decisions that may be made in ignorance or in a moment when I want to escape into illusion and unreality.

As part of the detox this week lets look at how we contribute to suffering? suffering in ourselves and in others, whether intentional or not! and lets think about how we can change this around and take that suffering and let it go, forgive ourselves and stop it as much as possible. Stop our personal contribution to this suffering and make the best effort we can to eliminate the residues of this from our bodies and lives!

There are loads of ways to do this, and just being aware that we are part of the problem is helpful and in my life I love to know where my food comes from as much as possible and I like to know that no one suffered in the process. There are so many ways we suffer and there are many ways we can change this and remove ourselves from contributing in the future to suffering!

Seasonal fruits are perfect to help you detox. They are local, cheap and fresh! Perfect foods for everyone!

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Its so dry here now! Springtime and no rain for the seeds to sprout and make beautiful new plants! Today our video comes from the Maple Street Co op community garden in Maleny QLD. We just love the way our community comes together and today we met DJ who is working on the garden making it beautiful in these dry times. The Maple street co op have come on board for our event HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN in January as the Main Stage Sponsors. We are so excited that they are taking this role. The co op is organic, community based and really ethical in operations. A great model for any community to follow.

Due to the dryness in the air we talk today in our blog about allergens that you may ingest either through the air or in foods and how your body makes mucous and what it does.Mucous is in our line of defence to protect us from poisons entering the body, so it really works to keep us healthy and to prevent the transport of many allergens into the body. Mucous can however have negative effects on the head cavity in the form of sinus infections and hayfever at this time of the year. It can also effect our digestion and clog up our lymphatic system.

Using Fenugreek tea as a healing tea is really delicious and effective. The herbal extractions of fenugreek mixed with olive leaf for antimicrobial cleansing, elderberries and lemon myrtle are really powerful mucous decongestants and helps strip mucous from our body fast.

We want to strip mucous from our system as quickly as possible otherwise it tends to form really dark straps of toxins that house themselves in the digestive tract or in the large intestine specifically and stay there for many years. There are loads of toxic consequences to this and its a good idea to add a mucous cleaning regime to your spring time detox simply because it can help eliminate pouches of poisons and also open up the flow in your digestive tract.

Mucous also attaches itself nicely to bulky left over and undigested foods in the small and large intestines, so we can end up with added accumulations of poisons and yuckiness, just sitting there and collecting. Most people have between three and ten kilos of  this accumulated mucous, carbohydrate, putrid and parasite ridden gunk in the body and it can play havoc with digestion, assimilation and quality of nutrients in your body.

This week it would be great if you continued to take the herbs mentioned last week in my blog and video, plus added the mucous cleansing foods so that we can start moving the poisons from the digestive tract and taking them through the body and excreting them.

Eating fruit and a fruit and vegetable based diet is a great thing to do and read the detox zone in my book THE WELLNESS ZONE!  Please download your 100% by donation or free copy now while we have it available online and check out my wellness strategies!

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