Detox masterclass half way point fun update for you!

Our detox masterclass online is just winding up week 2 now. Yes we are halfway through and I am blessed to be working with 25 awesome people from Australia and The USA sharing my accumulated knowledge, experience and education on detox therapies. 

This is a picture a student posted of them doing their " Medicine Making week 2 assignment"  which is making a brew of andrographis, milk thistle and globe artichoke for liver and gall bladder detoxing. 

Yes we are making medicines. Each week we make a medicine and learn to use herbs and nutraceuticals to make our own medicines at home. This is important to me that my students become empowered to know what to make when they do a detox and to know how to make it at home using local herbs, organic herbs and easily accessed ingredients from a good herbal dispensary. 

Each week we make recipes too. This week is was making a plant based meal and there are so many beautiful assignments coming through. We have a facebook private group where we post all our assignments and everyone can see what everyone else has been doing and become even more inspired. Its so much fun! 

Here is the herbal medicine making kit everyone received and popped in their lovely little jars. 

Its good fun, connecting and some people came on facebook for the first time to join us and are navigating our private group well! 

All our online offerings for 2021 are available now for you to register online

Check them out. 

This course has two weeks to go. I'm loving the connection , inspiration and fun we are having together. Thanks for joining me. 

Love Dom xoxo