Womens Wellness is a priority for us all!

Women’s wellness Masterclass and long table wellness days

" When mums happy, the whole house is happy" that’s an old saying and it's totally true. You know yourself, as a woman ( or when your partner, mum, sister, Auntie or favourite woman) is feeling good there is a vibration of joy permeating in the environment. 

As we get older, hormones change, life circumstances change and we experience more grief, failure, disappointment, success, change, growth, joy and acceptance of ourselves we change.... 

We change in so many ways and they all require some specific tweaking to open us to the peace, joy and balance we need! 

Think about hormones as a starting point, in the life cycle of every woman we go from an asexual being who is curious, inquisitive, open and growing to a fully loaded hormonal female who is ruled by the moons and cycles of bleeding. As the hormones peak and dip we are on a roller coaster of monthly changes. Then it all starts to fade, and other aspects evolve, we become the wise and experienced crone who really doesn't give a flying flick about hormones, except to keep up energy and to be active and thriving as we age. The sexuality declines and the sensuality increases and rules our once turbulent cycles. We find rest and we fine the time just goes too fast. We are in the cycle of woman and we need to do everything we can to keep calm, balanced, soft, open and living the best we can. 

There are many things that we can do in each stage of our womanness to help us at the time  and also to prepare us for the next one. We can cure, mitigate and prevent so many road blocks in the journey with therapies, foods and herbal medicines. We can avoid some pitfalls with a little consciousness and awareness. 

As a naturopath I have seen thousands of women coming through our clinics asking some similar questions and over time the themes show up consistently for our cycles. I'm pleased to be able to share the combination of accumulated knowledge, with my education and clinical experiences to help you thrive. 

So, I'm having a long table wellness day here in the dispensary in Maleny on 21st March and we are also running our four week online Women’s wellness Masterclass starting July 26th. If you can't make it to either of these events, then join me for a free webinar on Women’s Wellness in June.  I'll let you know those dates soon. 

Here are the links to Our Long table wellness day March 21st. $55 each includes workshop, education, herbal teas, elixirs and a vegan lunch. 11am till 2pm. Limited tix in herbal dispensary Maleny.


Here’s the link to our Women’s Wellness Masterclass 4 week online experience guided by me with weekly live classroom and herbal medicine making kit $190 all inclusive


Whenever you choose to share an educational experience with me we have fun, we learn, we communicate and we don’t miss an opportunity to dive deep on our chosen topic.

If you are having any hormonal health concerns, illnesses that you feel are interrupting your lifestyle and would like to address women’s health, please call us and chat or come and see us at one of our free community clinics.

Have a great day and take care 

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