Tea formulation adrenal support for your energy and recovery

Tea formulation adrenal support for your energy and recovery

Today we made our tea for when guest come to the Dispensary and chat about health care in our Weds free clinic. 

We always have chat about what to make and then we made this delicious beauty. 

Whenever I make up a tea its usually been tested with the same herbs blended in formulas for patients from our herbal dispensary. If you do want us to make you a herbal formula for adrenal recovery we can consider some or all of these herbs listed in the tea. We can also add others. the herbal medicines and free clinics are all individual and tailored to your needs. 

We added liquorice root as a premium tonic herb, sweet flavour which is a whole body tonic in the best way, strengthening and protecting. Working on the adrenals and the lungs, enhancing your wellness. 

Do you know about Rehmannia, This bark has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine. Its a blood builder, good for anaemia and cellular wellness. This is a spleen herb. helping you make awesome red blood cells in traditional herbal medicine 

We added some Bacopa, also known as Brahmi. A brain food that is in the class of adaptogens. Seriously good to drink daily in tea for clarity and adrenal and cellular energy. 

I love Asparagus so much, also known in Ayurvedic medicine as Shatavari. This adaptogen is queen of the kidneys. Great for traditional uses of blood pressure balancing ( to reduce traditionally) with the belief that your kidneys control your blood pressure and asparagus is one of the best herbs to control and heal, support your kidneys. 

Then our favourite of the ginsengs. Eleutherococcus. Its ballancing, recovery based and strengthening. Perfect as a daily herbal to keep your body ballanced and your mind sharp. Its not warming like Panax ginseng, so you can have it everyday! 

these formulated in the perfect balance for wellness and flavour. We welcome you to try some today! 

Perfect for the times, the springtime, the energy recovery time, the day time, the happiness of delicious tea time! 

Have a lovely day. 

Dominique Livkamal ND is an Australian herbalist and naturopath. She operates Medicineroom.com.au and offers free community clinics across all platforms. 

Dom has a Masters in Public Health ( Health promotion) and manufactures organic herbal medicines exclusively for her patients. She  lives in Maleny QLD and also has telehealth and phone consults. Details on web site. 

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On November 17th we have an online Herbal skin oil education evening with products sent to you to use on the evening and a skin herbal tea formula. Its $15 per person. 

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