Morning tea for metabolism and cleansing

We love our new "Morning tea blend"

Naturopathically we like to have healthy lives and to do the best we can for our whole body. And that includes your metabolism. When we have a healthy metabolism it reduces our risk factors for many chronic illnesses including diabetes type two, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and congestive issues as well as obesity and metabolic syndrome. 

We are in the last week of our online metabolism course now and my students have been drinking this beverage as a morning tea ritual for the last few weeks. 

You are welcome to try it and enjoy! 

Recipe and instructions.

For great results in body flushing and regularity you can drink this exclusively each morning before you drink anything else. Do not add any sweeteners to this drink. No honey, no herbal sweeteners, not anything. The lemon bitter, salty, herby taste of the drink is perfect. It gets the digestive tract and liver functioning and flushing and it hydrates your body perfectly. This is also a drink suitable for those on a complete water based fast. By adding sweeteners you are destroying many of the benefits of this morning tea!

Why this blend ?

For your metabolism to develop optimally and to have the best chance of helping all the actions in your body to work at their best you need to have a good decongested system. This happens every night when you sleep. (As mentioned in pervious module) When we drink this in the morning we are adding to the benefits of the night and also setting up the body for the day.

What’s in Morning tea looking at traditional and naturopathic uses of these raw herbal teas. 

I made this version of a morning tea to gently heal the body with qualities that optimise metabolism. These herbs all have benefits for you to flush and start the day in a great metabolic way! Here’s why!

Trigonella foenum-graecum ( fenugreek)

Fenugreek helps reduce risk factors for prediabetic type two ( more on that later on) and helps flush the lymphatic system of congestion. It also works on mucous in the body and releases mucous which in turn reduces congestion allowing the anabolic and catabolic metabolic processes run smoothly.

Curcuma longa ( turmeric)

Turmeric and anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is he precursor to many chronic illnesses and if we can reduce the inflammation in the body we are halfway towards better metabolism. Turmeric also works on the phase two detox pathway in the liver which is the heavy metal pathway. Reducing heavy metals in the body helps our metabolism be balanced. Turmeric reduces cholesterol, fatty acids and also helps balance hormones.

cinnamon cassia ( cinnamon)

Cinnamon is the great antimicrobial herbal for all digestive microbes. It works on the gut health as well as sugar balancing. So if you have blood sugar imbalances, prediabetic or need some extra support in removing glucose from the liver and blood. This is your herb.

Zingiber officinale ( ginger)

Ginger acts in similar ways to turmeric, it also increases circulation, stimulates metabolism and gives us warmth which helps kick start metabolism.

Elettaria cardamomom ( cardamon)

Cardamon has been used traditionally to boost metabolism and help us burn fat more effectively. This is a good herb in morning tea as our body is already in a detox mode from not eating all night for the last twelve hours and the cardamon helps us burn fat more efficiently especially if we add in our morning exercise.


Of course these herbs have lots of other qualities. I wanted to list the metabolic benefits here for you! Many of these benefits have been researched and these herbs are common metabolism herbs which you can find globally and in many wellness formulations. My formulations are always targeted to get you the best results in the fastest time.


Personal Journal

When do you have your first meal of the day? This week I want you to observe your eating habits and to look at the patterns, times and amounts of food you eat each day. Make a note in your personal journal about these habits and observations. We are not trying to shift anything this week. We are observing and we are introducing the morning tea for two weeks and we are introducing the concept of morning exercise and how we are doing that?


This is a blend I designed for our latest metabolism online course. I wanted to take traditional herbs that help reduce mucous, congestion and balance your  body and put them together for early in the day when your body is most ready to receive a boost to cleansing. 

When we wake up in the morning our body is already in a deep cleanse. We have been processing toxins, emotions and old residue all night releasing it and setting up our body for s fresh start in the morning. 

These herbs will help all your organs get that fresh start and I recommend taking this herbal tea as your first drink of the day. 

Simply add 1 full teaspoon to a jug or tea post. Squeeze in the juice of one full lemon. 

Add a pinch of good sea salt and fill to 400ml of boiling hot water, stir and drink. 

Feel refreshed with the combo of cinnamon, turmeric, cardamon, ginger and fenugreek. The perfect start to a perfect day. 

Our metabolism course is in its second week and my students have all been taking this blend for the last seven days. It's so lovely to look after our body in this way. You can too! Here is the blend 

Have a lovely day. 

Dominique Livkamal ND is an Australian herbalist and naturopath. She operates and offers free community clinics across all platforms. 

Dom has a Masters in Public Health ( Health promotion) and manufactures organic herbal medicines exclusively for her patients. She  lives in Maleny QLD and also has telehealth and phone consults. Details on web site. 

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