The beauty of fasting for energy, wellness and detoxing.

I've been a fan of fasting since I was in my 20's. I got hold of Paul Brags fasting book and started fasting for 24 hour periods, then 36 hours and 72 hours of just warm water, a dash of lemon juice occasionally and herbal teas. 

Peppermint tea has always been my favourite fasting tea, it is a digestive aid, deodorises my system and feels so fresh. When I have a longer fast for a week or so, I always have my favourite celery seed. It feels so good in my body alkalising and acting as an anti inflammatory. 

What are your thoughts on fasting? I speak to many people in clinics and many of you are happy to try a half day fast? intermittent fasting has become really popular in the last five years. Its done when you have dinner early in the evening and then don't consume any other calories for 16 hours. They call this the 8 /16 fasting cycle. 8 hours of eating window in a 24 hour period with 16 hours of fasting. Then of course you can extend this to suit your body and needs. Many people do a warrior fasting cycle of 20/4 This is twenty hours of not eating in the day and four hour window to eat. You can do this a couple of days a week, or go seriously and do it every second day or even daily. Its all your choice and is free, money saving and your body loves the benefits of decongestion and lightness on all levels. 

Over the years I've tried all kinds of fasting. And for me it's always about detoxification and allowing my body to rest, reset and slow down. I'm not a fan of fasting and staying busy. I fast, slow down, clear my schedule and rest. I allow my body to take its time and heal from within. Thats the traditional naturopathic approach to fasting and I love it. 

I've written about fasting in my third edition of The Wellness Zone. I wanted to share with you the beauty and health benefits. Its not about anything other than the cleansing and reenergising health benefits. and if you fast often enough or long enough your body will rid itself of excess fats, toxins and old stagnant energies. 

A recent study at Otago university in New Zealand has shown that weight loss was maintained and consistent in people who fasted to loose weight instead of the Mediterranean diet or the Paleo diet. Here is the link so you can read it.

So, if you have put on a few extra kilos this year then fasting may be the way to go for weight management. When we gain too much weight we increase our risk factors for many illnesses including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It's good to keep that under control and its good to detox, fast and feel good within ourselves. 

I love my herbal tea fasts. I love resting ad taking a few days to just rest myself. Did you know that your immunity has a reset after 72 hours of fasting? did you know that fasting is one key to healthiness and happiness? Its something to feel good about doing and I wish you the best of health. 

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