QLD GARDEN EXPO WEEK. Want some Expo surprises? Ruby Chai and Fur Baby treats!

Its QLD Garden expo week. 

Here are two super new treats for you to enjoy! Made for this years Garden Expo they are available on our Web site now. Plus at the EXPO. 

I have four presentations over the  QLD GARDEN EXPO. Nambour Showgrounds. Thursday to Sunday. 

1. Herbal Pet Recipes from your garden ( Thursday). 

2. How to make traditional Chai x 2 workshops ( Thursday and Saturday) 

3. Herbs to help your Memory from the Garden ( Friday) 

And here are the treats available for you now! 

Do you want some Fur baby Surprises. 

For the last few years I have been formulating and playing around with some awesome food additives for Dogs and Cats. And we have them for you now! 

We made these beautifully delicious ( to Pooch and Kitty) herbal extractions using old fashioned Glycerin and Apple cider vinegar. We marinated them for months and then extracted them in a way to make a concentrated herbal formula that you can add to your pets meals or water. Pets love the taste and they area all safe and beneficial herbs to add to your pets diet. Click here to purchase now. 

We made the following and are presenting them this week at The Garden Expo. 

Hip and Joint Formula

Calming Formula

Digestion and microbiome formula 

Skin and Coat formula 

Immunity Boost Formula. 

We also made our Ruby Chai Blend and have popped it in our glass jars for you to enjoy at home. Click here to purchase 

The two Chai making workshops I am presenting will cover many herbs and different ways to make chai. Traditional decoction style and faster infusions. We will cover a variety of herbs and why they are good in Chai and how you can use them to make a delicious Chai at home for many occasions. 

Hope to see you at the expo. We have our Medicine Room Stall there located near the Cooks Garden Stage.  You can get these products online now for a limited time to celebrate the QLD Garden Expo. 

Here we are ( Sharon and me) at the herbal dispensary on Thursday and this is a big bowl of Ruby Chai that Sharon made up for us in celebration of the QLD Garden Expo. We love the Expo each year and you can visit  us at our Medicine Room Stall and come to my talks. 

Dominique LivKamal, ND is an award-winning naturopath, herbalist, and wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering you on your wellness journey.
She holds a Masters degree in Public health ( Health Promotion) Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine ) is a qualified Naturopath , herbalist and nutritionist. 
 She has three published books and is a constant student in wellness and life 
Dom also has a diploma in Journalism, is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and yoga teacher. 
Dominique is founder and naturopath at Medicine Room. She has developed the herbal manufacturing processes here for herbal extractions and has been offering free community clinics to her clients since 2004.