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LImited Edition Herbal Pet Food Additive Set 100ml


In honour of The Queensland Garden Expo this coming week. 

You receive 5 x 100ml herbal pet food additives in a brown eco box. 

We have created for you this package of Herbal food additives to pop daily into your Doggy or Kitty Food bowl or water bowl. 

They love the taste so will even lick it off toys. 

Yes this is a winner and exclusive now until stock sold out 

Made with organic herbs, alcohol free, pets love the flavour and healthy fortification of your meals. 

You will receive 1 x 100ml bottle of these five formulas I have made for pets. Purr fect for your kitty and delicious for your doggy. This is fur baby herbal love at its best. 

  1. Relaxing blend with chamomile and valerian
  2. Digestive blend with Papaya and Fennel
  3. Immunity blend with echinacea and reishi mushroom 
  4. Skin and Coat blend with Calendula and nettle 
  5. Joint and hip blend with turmeric and ginger 

You receive 5 x 100ml amber PET bottles with Black 2ml Pump. 

Each  100ml bottle lasts your average  small dog or cat 2 months 

Medium dog or cat 1.5 months and Large Dog  1 month.

Try something new and see how  Doggy and Kitty  energy and wellness are balanced and happy. 


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