Make yourself a herbal cuppa and relax!

Hello and how are you on this super wet rainy day? The rain is getting more intense, Even the river here in Maleny is looking very full and we're waiting to see if the Bridge coming into town will go under?

If it does it will be the first time in many years since they built the new bridge. Having a river running through our main street is such a beautiful thing, we have cafes and shops along the river front and really lovey public spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

When The Obi Obi river runs full, its amazing. We are a high mountain town and that water comes racing through. Our herbal dispensary is on Coral street, the river runs alongside our street and I've been enjoying watching the river rise for the last few days. Its truely beautiful. But also water is so strong and destructive. It's the flow. The powerful flow. I hope you are safe where you are? 

We just got notification that the Eumundi market is closed tomorrow, this Saturday the 25th Feb. So if you want us to post you herbs we are happy to do so. Please let us know. 

Lets make a herbal cuppa and relax! 

We are in the second week of our online Adaptogen course. And part of the course has been to understand the current cafe trend of adaptogen drinks.

1. We are looking at herbal qualities and what you would want to add to a hot drink. This is often in the form of a powder. the ones we love are ganoderma mushroom, siberian ginseng, echinacea, astragalus, or any herb that you love and need for your wellness. I recommend you use 1/4 teaspoon per drink to start and then increase the herbal content as you get used to the flavours. 

2.Then we use the base which is going to be coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, turmeric, herbal, chocolate or even mushroom. So you will make your coffee or tea etc and then stir in the powder. 

3.We add our mylk which is either cows milk, goats, soy, coconut, macadamia, nut, almond, rice etc. You can add honey , etc after that to taste. 

I wanted to share this with you and get you to look in your herbal tea and raw herbs at the house today. get the coffee grinder or bullet and make some powder and make yourself a delicious medicinal herbal cuppa. 


Focus cuppa equals powdered siberian ginseng or gotu kola and coffee with almond mylk or mylk of your choice. 

Relaxing cuppa is powdered chamomile flowers with a anti-inflammatory turmeric base and soy or other mylk and honey to taste. 

Immunity cuppa would be ganoderma mushroom powder with chocolate base and mylk of your choice. 


Here is the link with early bird on my next course in May. I know its ages away but its a $100 discount to enrol now. 

My courses planned for this year are Digestion and gut health in May and Metabolism later in year. 

Take care, have a lovely and safe weekend where ever you are and try these recipe ideas

Love Dom