Recipe for marinated Beetroot ! Do you know about betaine?

Betaine is a powerful antioxidant that is found in beetroot. It is one of my favourite nutrients for supporting the health of your large intestine and the pockets that form in this area of your digestive system.

Betaine is composed of choline and glycine, which are both essential for our well-being. Scientific studies have shown that betaine can lower homocysteine levels, which reduces your risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Betaine also reduces inflammation throughout the body, which helps prevent many chronic diseases.

Betaine can help you build muscle mass, too. So you can boost your workouts with some beetroot in your diet.

Lots of research goes into the humble old beet and its now called an epi nutrient. Yes thats pretty awesome. 

Recipe for Beetroot marination. 

The darker and softer the beet, the more antioxidants it has. I buy fresh beets from my green grocer and store them in my crisper in the fridge for weeks and weeks. When they are soft and have a small amount of white mould on the area where the beet meets the greens, I know they are ready.

I wash the beets well and cut them into small pieces.

I bake them with some garlic, olive oil and sea salt.usually for an hour.  Then I put them in a glass jar and cover them with apple cider or coconut vinegar. (These are my personal favourites.) Pop this in the fridge and add to meals. On the side, in your salad or reheat with a hot meal. 

Beetroot contains 175 mg of betaine per cup when raw.

Other foods that contain betaine are:

  • Wheat bran: 200 ml per 1/4 cup uncooked
  • Quinoa: 180 mg per cup cooked
  • Spinach: 160 mg per cup raw

So you can get your nourishment from many plant-based foods.

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This is a picture of me and Prince Felix the Cat. We are not sure how old he is. He was born when Owen was little and Owen is now 24. So, he's over 20 thats for sure. Felix has a basic catty diet, with lots of fresh meat. He loves his yoghurt or a bowl of milk in the mornings and he also loves beetroot! Yes I often mix beetroot juice, or beetroot cut into tiny pieces mixed in with his meat. He also gets lots of herbs of course and the super antioxidant beetroot is one of his favourites. 

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