Celebrating 20 Years of Free Community Clinics at Eumundi Markets today!


Today, we celebrate 20 years of Free Community Clinics at The Original Eumundi Markets.

Well, technically it’s tomorrow. On February 4th, 2004, we arrived to do our first free community clinic with Peter Homan as the manager. I remember standing at my car before he let me set up and he asked me to “show me your labels”. And I did. In those days, it was the very beginning of us extracting our own herbal medicines and I basically had a white label with blue printing. (One colour was all we could afford).

We had our herbs there extracting in our stall, and the bottles of medicines were the same as today. Amber brown glass with white lids in those days. (We use black now).

We also made herbal creams to order. We chatted about wellness issues and were based in The Loop. That was a tree-filled area with healers and wellness stalls.

That same week, we arrived on Saturday and were placed in the exact same row we are in today on a Saturday. Yes, it’s been that way ever since.

We did Saturday and Wednesday until about 2008 and then moved to a Saturday-only model. This was the same time that we started doing festivals and other events.

It’s been 20 years since we started at Eumundi Markets and opened our very first free community clinics (Started Blackhall Range 1999 with a free community clinic model).

We have developed, grown, multiplied and diversified our practices and our products. We now have over 30 herbal body products, over 80 single organic herbal extractions and we have a range of herbal teas. We have always been a family business and now we are growing to include experts to help us grow even more and become even more beautiful and happy.

Thanks to everyone who has called into our stall over the years. We are delighted to celebrate this 20 years of Saturday Markets and love that we are able to be of service to you all. 

Love, Dom and family.


Dominique LivKamal, ND is an award-winning naturopath, herbalist, and wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering you on your wellness journey.
She holds a Masters degree in Public health ( Health Promotion) Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine ) is a qualified Naturopath , herbalist and nutritionist. 
 She has three published books and is a constant student in wellness and life 
Dom also has a diploma in Journalism, is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and yoga teacher. 
Dominique is founder and naturopath at Medicine Room. She has developed the herbal manufacturing processes here for herbal extractions and has been offering free community clinics to her clients since 2004.