How to Stay Cool and Hydrated in a Heat Wave with Natural Remedies

How to Stay Cool and Hydrated in a Heat Wave with Natural Remedies


It's a heat wave here in South East QLD today and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool and refreshed. Luckily, we have some natural remedies that can help us beat the heat and enjoy the summer.

One of the best things about living in Australia is our amazing eucalyptus trees and gums. They are nature's air conditioners and provide us with extra breeze, shade and coolness. If you have one nearby, why not sit under it and relax?


Here are some more tips on how to stay cool and hydrated in a heat wave with natural remedies.

  1. Do your physical exercise early in the day

If you want to stay active and healthy, it's best to do your physical exercise early in the day, before the temperature rises. This way, you can avoid overheating and dehydration, and have more energy to enjoy the rest of the day. You can also laze under a gum tree and shoot the breeze with your friends or family.


  1. Drink plenty of herbal tea

One of the easiest and most delicious ways to stay hydrated is to drink herbal tea. Herbal tea can help you replenish your fluids and electrolytes, as well as provide you with antioxidants and other health benefits.

To make a big pot of herbal tea, simply take cooling herbs such as melissa, chamomile, peppermint, St John's wort, fennel, thyme and sage. Mix them to your desired recipe and add boiling water. Let it steep for about 10 minutes, then strain and enjoy.

You can also make a cooler iced tea version by popping the pot of tea in the fridge, herbs and all. Let it cool down overnight or all day until it's cold. Then you can add delicious citrus fruits, honey, maple syrup or other sweeteners to make it more refreshing.

A naturopathic rule of thumb is to have 400ml of water or liquid herbal teas every hour. If you go to the loo and have a wee, simply come out and drink a full glass of water each time. Dehydration can cause low blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, lack of energy, constipation and also can make you feel really weak and low emotionally.


  1. Have cool swims, showers and towels

Another way to cool down your body temperature is to have cool swims, showers and towels. You can go to the beach, the pool or a nearby lake and enjoy the water. You can also take a cool shower or bath at home and feel refreshed.

You can also use cool wet shawls and towels to wrap around your neck, forehead or other parts of your body that feel hot. This can help you lower your body temperature and feel more comfortable.


  1. Avoid air conditioning if possible

 You might be tempted to turn on the air conditioning and stay indoors, but this might not be the best option for your health and the environment. Air conditioning can dry out your skin and mucous membranes, as well as increase your exposure to dust, allergens and bacteria. It can also consume a lot of energy and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.


Instead of relying on air conditioning, try to adapt to the heat and the coolness naturally. This can help your body function better in different temperatures and prevent you from losing too much electrolytes and minerals every time it gets super hot.


Heat adaptation can also make you sweat less and more efficiently, which can help you detoxify your body and feel less toxic. You can also feel more calm and energised in the heat, instead of feeling irritable and exhausted.


One way to achieve heat adaptation is to expose yourself to heat sources such as sauna, steam room or hot bath regularly. This can help you train your body to cope with high temperatures and improve your cardiovascular health, immune system and mood. There is a lot of research on the benefits of heat therapy that you can read more about.


  1. Enjoy the summer


Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy the summer and have fun. Summer is a great time to spend time outdoors, connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of life. You can also use this time to relax, meditate and practice gratitude for all the things you have.


Remember, heat waves are temporary and they will pass. The most important thing is to stay cool and hydrated, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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Dominique LivKamal, ND is an award-winning naturopath, herbalist, and wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering you on your wellness journey.
She holds a Masters degree in Public health ( Health Promotion) Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine ) is a qualified Naturopath , herbalist and nutritionist. 
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Dom also has a diploma in Journalism, is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and yoga teacher. 
Dominique is founder and naturopath at Medicine Room. She has developed the herbal manufacturing processes here for herbal extractions and has been offering free community clinics to her clients since 2004.