Herbal support for vaccination choices. Let us help you

Hello and how are you today? 

This blog is all about how we can support you when you get vaccinated and to offer everyone herbal support. 

Many of my patients are discussing when to get vaccinated and many are also keen to meet the protocols and offer another barrier of protection against this problem. 

Whether you want to participate in this program or not, we are here to help you with herbal medicines and naturopathic choices. 

We are making herbal formulas to support you and to help you through the vaccination process. 

No one can tell you what to do, and no one can force you to take a medicine, therapy or protocol against your will.

We are pro choice for everyone and believe that its our responsibility as health care practitioners to offer support no matter what you do! So talk with us and let's get your health optimal. 

If you decide to get vaccinated then please connect with us and we will make you a supporting herbal formula to take during the week of each vaccination. we can even help you with herbs before you get vaccinated to support your immunity and boost your body. 

We use a combination of immunity boosting herbs, anti inflammation herbs and blood balancing herbals to help you stay strong and to help reduce the opportunity for your body responding negatively to the vaccine. 

Any side effects you may be worried about with the vaccine are dependent on your exisiting co morbidities and health status. Generally speaking if you are not sick, feeling strong and healthy and you are not on any medications then there is a extremely low chance of any side effects from any vaccination if you treat the experience with respect and make sure you use logical simple protocols such as rest, good nutrition and flushing with liquids after the vaccination has occurred. 

Even these people need some extra support and please contact us and we can personally discuss your situation and help you with a supportive herbal formula. 

If you are on medications, please chat to your GP and make sure they are happy for you to be vaccinated while on the medication. Then you can contact us and we can offer you a supportive herbal formula to assist the body adapt to the vaccination. 

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We are here for you. Please either make a telehealth booking or call us 0409765033. Or come to our Maleny clinic open Weds 10am till 3pm , Visit Eumundi markets free clinics Saturdays 7am till 1pm. 

With love Dominique