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Self paced training 

The whole course opens up when you join, We add you to the private facebook group and you start course and complete at your own rate. 

Herbal kit posted to you on receipt of payment in next medicineroom mail out! 

What is this course? 

Online education with practical recipes and medicine making with Dom. We offer three weeks of herbal lessons with videos and notes. Weekly classroom and lots of fun. Equal to Twenty hours of online learning. 

Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to learn about increasing energy in your body and balancing lifestyle with adaptogen herbs. Anyone from beginners to professionals who want to improve your health and longevity, while reducing risk factors for illness. 


What is the course ?
A self paced  online video course, with online worksheets, medicinal herbs and nutritional food recipes. Modules and live classroom recordings plus assignments at your own pace. Equal to 20 hours of online learning. 
Join our thriving community of like minded students. We show you how to make medicines and recipes at home from scratch. 
Who is the course for ?
Anyone who wants to empower yourself with knowledge, education, practical skills and clear wellness through making medicines and healthy recipes at home.
Anyone who wants education in an easily understandable way on adaptogen  issues and solutions.
It works for anyone regardless of knowledge, experience, technical ability and age. 
How does it work ?
You watch the weekly videos, read notes and take action making recipes and medicines.
Use the provided herbs and start creating your fabulous medicine chest at home.
Ask questions in the private facebook group or in the live classroom and Q and A weekly. 
Why does it exist.? 
There was no training available to show complete beginners how to make healthy medicines and recipes at home in a personal step by step way, covering specific health topics that we all need to understand.
We fill that void by creating a series of online courses through out the year and have educated hundreds of happy students and medicine makers creating healthy recipes.

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Course includes all education, recipes and training. 

You will have the course access online here at Medicine Room and then we give you access to the facebook private group where you will be able to add your work to the group and listen to the pre recorded live classes from when Dom guided the group through the lessons. 

Course herbal kit  to use in recipes and medicine making. You will use these herbs to make your assessments 

Support and communication to help you meet course objectives. You will be able to contact Dom if you have any questions 

Connection and fun with a group of like minded students. This is the self paced version of the course. We will email you all details once you are enrolled, You will have direct access to the course now. ( facebook and student kit are coming) 

Support and community with like minded students. All assignments are posted in the private facebook group and you will see everyone's  uses of these herbs and learn from each other as well as the course content. 

Self paced education course 

Weekly videos and course notes are on the course located in Medicineroom web site. There are four modules each week and the time is about three hours per week total for whole course. 

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