Herbal soup and sauce recipes that add nutrition to your meals.

Hello and how are you today? I've been a little obsessed with making delicious decocted soups in the last few weeks. The idea of adding extra nutrition to meals has always appealed to me and something I do when I need it. 

Simply I am taking dried herbs and decocting them in the traditional medicinal way and then using that as a base for my meals. Using the decoctions in sauces, casseroles and soups. 

This is fortification, yes herbal fortification. When you fortify a food, you are adding in nutrients, vitamins, minerals macro and micro nutrients and giving the food extra nutritional value.  In my case with the herbs I am giving meals extra herbal value. You can add super foods, mushroom powders, herbs, spices and whatever extra nutrients you need. It is another layer to the meal and adds nutritional value plus flavour. 

In my latest online course " Womens wellness" last week I had the ladies make an old recipe called " Chinese ladies monthly soup" Its a soup that is fortified with herbs that ladies make each month when they have their monthly cycle to add nourishment and strength to the body. This recipe I am giving you is an extended version of that one and its delicious. You can make your own versions depending on what herbs you need to feel well. 

Here is the recipe I made for dinner a few nights ago. I needed the anti inflammatory benefits of ginger and turmeric and wanted the boosting nutrition of nettle. The health benefits of Star anise And the hormonal and blood properties of peony Add that to some rainbow vegetables and we have a boosted nutritional meal. 

Decocted herbal vegetable soup. 

1. Place a tablespoon of each dried herb you want in your soup in a saucepan. I added peony root, nettle leaf, ginger root, garlic, turmeric powder and star anise. Then add in 1 litre of water and bring to boil. Allow to simmer for about 20 minutes. 

2.  it's all cooking together in a big nutritious blend. Once its cooked strain and you have the liquid base for your meal. Now you either male a sauce or soup from it and if you have any left over pop it in the fridge for another meal ( will keep two days) Make sure you get a filter and strain off the herbs from the liquid so that you only have the liquid to use. 

3. I got lot's of fresh vegetables and placed them in a saucepan with a tablespoon of olive oil and pan fried then with some powder vegetable stock ( non msg) for ten minutes while stirring. 

4, Pour the liquid over the vegetables and simmer until all your vegetables are soft and well cooked. I added a cup of lemon juice at the end and also some extra chilli to taste. Add what you like to make this more delicious. Coconut cream, some fresh herbs and extra ingredients that you want to eat.  like we did here! 

5. Pour into bowls, garnish and serve with toast . We garnished this with fresh flowers. Enjoy!  Get creative and make your own versions so that you get all the yumminess of herbal medicines in your meals. Raw dried herbs are great to use at home and are far more than just tea! 

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