Simple ways to boost Immunity at home

Simple ways to boost Immunity at home

Theres a cold snap over the mountain today. I got up early for my exercises and yoga today and the wind came up with the sun. It's freezing here and made me think that it's time for us to get ready for winter wellness. 

I always prescribe mushrooms to my patients in the winter. Chaga, Lions mane, cordyceps, reishi and shitake. This is because they are all powerful energising and immune supporting medicines. They tend to create a warming heat in many people. Thats why we love them for this time of the year.  Each mushroom has many qualities and they all tend to boost your immunity. 

Add to your mushrooms some good circulation stimulators such as ginger, ginkgo biloba, chilli and garlic. These all strengthen the circulation and help carry around the lovely nourishing mushrooms. 

Other popular herbs for immunity are astragalus in extract form, cats claw, echinacea which are all available naturopathically in herbal formulas. Please call us and we can make a lovely herbal formula for you and your family. 

We love giving the whole family extra herbs at this time of the year. In the form of thyme, marjoram, oregano and sage in evening meals. These all add health boosting benefits that are antimicrobial and protective infection fighting constituents. Its true that our food is our first medicine and that herbs are the best daily protectors for your immunity and wellness. 

Staying strong through the beginning of the cooler months helps build your resilience and capacity for optimal health in winter . 

There are a couple of immunity hacks that we use as natural therapists and they will help you if you are brave. One is to develop cold water adaptability and to have a one to three minute cold shower first thing in the morning . yes even in the cooler months. ( but not if you are already suffering from a seasonal cold or flu. This is one to do while you are healthy) These few minutes of cold water send all the blood rushing to your organs and reset your immunity. 

The other is the 72 hour water fast ( this again is foe those who are adapted and seasoned in water fasting ) If you do find yourself coming down with a illness such as cold or flu then fast on water only and herbal teas for 72 hours and you will have an immune reset. 

Please talk with a qualified practitioner of you are planning some of these practices and have not done them before. There can be contraindications to medications and other risk factors. 

Have an awesome week. 

Heres a picture of me at the markets on Saturday with our new Blue Lotus Range. 

Love Dom xox