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AAA Herbal Hand Sanitiser 50ml Blue glass with black spray .


Herbal hand sanitiser  50ml Blue glass with black spray 

For personal use, carry in your hand bag or pocket everywhere you go! 

Use on dry skin to cleanse and nourish. Fast drying, apply up to 5 times a day for herbal protection. 

Kills 99.9 percent of germs

Contains 60%  alcohol 

Made with organic herbs.


Plant based

Great for sensitive skin.

Gentle on skin.

Formulated by qualified naturopath and herbalist Dominique LIvkamal  

Herbal aqua ethanol extractions, distilled ethanol vinegar, glycerine of Elderberry & Papaya. Essential oils of Lime & Grapefruit.  Very small amount needed for protection and cleansing. 

This is a healthy, herbal, organic hand sanitiser .

Hand made in our herbal dispensary for you.

Contains the herbs  elderberry and papaya 

Essential oils of lime and grapefruit your skin will be fresh, hydrated and feeling clean. 

 Order now and give your hands kindness and love whilst you are cleansing and purifying them.






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