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Rose Hip herbal skin balm and nectar set


1 x  Rosehip herbal skin balm 60 gram plus  1 x  Rosehip herbal skin nectar 100ml set.

Have you tried our handmade  Rosehip, german chamomile and rose geranium herbal skin balm or nectar?  We added the essential oil of  rose geranium to make this super soothing, rejuvenating and delish face product.

This is a classic combination of the deep hydration and nourishing herbals that help tone skin, remove any blemishes and skin spots through regular application and soften the skin making you feel silky smooth and radiant. 

The balm is made with happy beeswax and the nectar is 100% plant based vegan skin care.  Its a delicious and favourite body moisturiser too... so loved by everyone with soft and relaxing aroma. Perfect gift. 

Best value buy as this set and save $5. Freight free in Australia. 

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