Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers 

What can you do today to feel warm, snuggly and well? 

It's a cold blustery winters day here on the mountain. The fire is still on ( three weeks later) day and night. We are enjoying a pot of tea on the fireplace and having the warmth of fire. 

Here are five tips to stay warm today and feel snuggly 

1. Have a warm herbal cuppa going on the fireplace. Think winter herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary, chamomile and yarrow. Add a dash of honey to your herbal teas for sweetness and deliciousness. 

2. Make a foot bath. Get a large vessel like a bucket and fill ten inches with hot water, ad in a few drops of essential oils. Lavender is antimicrobial and relaxing. Clove and cinnamon are classic winter protecting oils helping us keep the bugs away. 

3. Do some feel good activities, Enjoy a hot bath with epson salts, Say no to being over busy and sit down with a book and read. Play some music and relax. Feel good activities connect us to ourselves and those around us in a playful and relaxed way. 

4. Cook a big pot of your favourite winter warming soup. Make it and let it simmer all day for everyone to enjoy! We love making a base of garlic, onion and spices. Star anise, cardamon, carrots, pumpkin, local seasonal vegetables, sea salt and some water. Boil it all together for at least two hours and enjoy a hearty warming winter meal that is light and nourishing.  

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Have a warm day 

Love Dom xoxo