Make this easy green vegetable soup at home

Make this easy green vegetable soup at home

I loved making this soup today. Monday morning, rainy, cold and wintery. We have the fire going and everyone is  enjoying a warm day at home. 

I pulled out the vegan broth base and cooked that for 45 minutes on the stove and then strained off all the herbs. ( I used 30 grams vegan broth dry mix in 2 litres of water and reduced to one litre then strained) 

Then I simply cut up masses of green seasonal vegetables that are abundant now. I used celery, broccoli, fennel bulb, beans, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, nettle leaves, onion. ( I used two big bowls of vegetables total) 

I popped about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of Ghee in the pan and added all vegetables. I allowed them to simmer in the oils and added 1 teaspoon of sea salt. ( you add salt to taste) 

Then added  more liquid to make a total of three litres liquid, coconut cream and boiling water from the kettle to my broth ( which contains rehmannia, shitake mushroom, astragalus and garlic) . 

I poured that liquid over the vegetable mix in the saucepan and let it all cook slow for another hour until everything was super soft and cooked right through. ( Only cover the vegetables no more) 

The flavours are welcoming and fresh, soft  well cooked greens through the winter is the perfect food for your digestion and microbiome.  My prebiotic feast! It's so good to have warming, nourishing and delicious foods on winter days. ( Make some and see how much you enjoy it. I love the silkiness and richness the two oils added give the texture.) 

You can use whatever vegetables you like. I stuck to prebiotic greens which my body needs at the moment. 

I also added a table spoon of honey.  ( Sweetness is always good. You can add maple syrup if you like) 

A prebiotic is a food that we eat that feeds our flora and fauna in our gut, commonly called microbiome. The brassicas in particular are great as they help kill any gram negative bacteria and feed the good bacterias. Onions and garlic are powerful parasite herbs, they also feed microbiome and contain a lot of actives that strengthen the blood and cells in your body. Good food... xoxo 

Enjoy.. Love Dom xox 

This picture is of us yesterday at the Long table wellness day! It was fun. 

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