We are what we think! And that can be pretty amazing. change your life with positivity

We are what we think! And that can be pretty amazing.


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In this Blog I have given you information on the exciting news that finally THE WELLNESS ZONE is in e book format and available for you now! That was a process and I thank Sharon and Sylvia for making it possible. Also we have details of my schedule for August and September, plus the Herbal Skin OIls are back! Yah, after all this time. Then of course I got reflective, and as is happening more and more in my blogs, I wrote about personal feelings and this time its all about our thinking. There is a little mantra here for you. And, because the retreat in October is sold out, we have set up another retreat in Feb 2015. So make your booking, its for ladies only as we are developing some awesome body wraps, products and treatments for skin care using our divine herbs.

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” I trust my own nature to be intuitive, accurate and on track. My mind is filled with truth and observations that allow me to trust what I think and what I feel as the best path to my future unknown. The external world is a guide, but the internal world is my master of trust and shows me the way” 




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Here is my blog for this post. I was reflective on positive thinking and how what we think can change our lives…. for better or worse really.. its your call.


Wow, what are you thinking right now? Can you see inside your mind and see what your real thoughts are? Do you think something amazing and then cut it down with disbelief? Or do you think something wonderful and truly know its possible?

We can change our lives in a non traditional way simply by changing our thoughts and then our lives will change.  The way we process events and we can all change our lives through thought patterns and making a belief in our minds. When you think something that might be uncomfortable, is it an old story resurfacing? is it the truth? is it a new awareness? Is it relevant? is it an assumption? Is it just your mind saying something that may have no meaning for you in any way? Or is it exactly what you need to think to allow yourself to move forward in life? and what is moving forward? how do we gett he changes we need?

happy people What life changing experiences have you had because you believed something? Do you ever get feelings that something needs to change and really resonates with you?  Think about that.

Maybe we need to let go of the things that we have been attached to , we need to detach, release and move forward in our own way.  THis might open doors in our lives and what is going to unfold. Changes and shifts can be made at any age.. we can detach, we are not too old, there is nothing that you can not alter through your mind. You have unlimited potential. Think of some great minds and people who are really open and available to change. Look at People who really honor their lives. Look at their successes and know truly that you are able to change your life now. You may know some people in your own life who are really inspiring. How can you see their path and their experiences helping you? Do you know anyone who has been through what you are currently going through? If so ask them about how they handled it? How they resolved their own inner conflicts and came out the other side in a more open and beautiful world? Or did they? Did they hold onto the old resentments, pains and thought patterns. Remember that saying ” You won’t get a new result doing the same old thing” well this applies to your thinking too.

 Just be open to new information. Make time to read books watch film clips. If you want to change the way you think, then  you need to be open to that idea, and that will involve getting your hands on new information and reading it, watching it and then deciding what aspects will help you and what aspects to ignore. Look at what you need to study and what you need to read, understand and create a new way to understand and live your newness. Find nourishing and ancient texts that mean something. A course in Miracles, The I ching, Inspiration. Louise Hay books, Caroline Myss. Google and see what you come up with. The Tao Te Ching is potentially the best book that was ever written. I know this because I have been studiieng it since I was a teenager. Luckily I stumbled across it at a young age. So many inspirational books, speakers, presentations. We are in a world where there is excess information and its really wonderful that we can get hold of it.

The study of Kundalini Yoga has been critical in my understanding of letting go, releasing what no longer serves us, understanding how the mind works and moving from the paradigm that my mind is me to the world view that I am me and my mind is part of me and it can be well and truly respected yet observed as well. The practice of yoga is a ritual that allows us to see ourselves and to see our minds. There is also a great strength in the development of meditation skills and the ability to create stillness, softness, space and grace in our lives.

Wisdom. Integrity and learning are the keys for us to understand that there is a world bigger than anything we can potentially create for ourselves. and we don’t know how much potential we have. We need to respect history, read the texts, make time to understand or observe the amazing lessons from the elders, the ancients, the writers, poets and the philosophers, then we will have the tools to help us to return to our truths. Because ultimately we really have no idea what our potential is and the aim is to keep opening options and opportunities and not closing doors through old patterns, negative or limited thinking and fear. Tell me what stops you from just trusting in the process and being comfortable with being uncomfortable? Thats where reading, learning, listening and watching other peoples journeys is so powerful… it helps us understand ourselves a little better.

We all come from a invisible divine essential spirit. There was a time when we all went from non being , to being. We need to be able to return to that place, live from spirit and become a self realised being. We all search, we will always arrive where we started. The begining and the end are the same. Thats the lesson. we are spirit having human experience. We need to learn to die while we are alive. Let it go. Let it go.. Watch where you go…

To Die while we are alive, gives us the only opportunity that we have to get understanding of ourselves. So many times we need to let it go, let it go. Have no expectations and to be able to open ourselves to the newness and the unknown. Thats where it gets tricky as we feel comfortable in the current world we have created and we stay there often in a state of disatisfaction, but we feel safe. We feel safe in our own limits, as they are self imposed and regular and in a pattern that we kind of like, kind of don’t like and are afraid to change. But, If you changed it what would happen? where would you be?

Are we just control freaks? Do we really want to control everything. Do we want to stay as we are? Are we trapped in our cage? our body? our little minds? How do we release that? Thin about it?

What are the key thoughts that you need to consider…. to change.. ??

Change the idea that you can’t trust in your own nature. Your nature is so important, so profound. its yours, its only yours. no one else can share that with you. Its your dharma, its your truth, its you. You need to learn to know you came from a divine place of wellbeing and you need to trust in it. A great master will follow his own nature and not the trappings of society. Think about it… How much time do you waste on what other people think of you or what other people are doing?  Learn to trust completely in your own nature, what you are to become and everything that you need is all there. It is already there. In the world of the 10,000 things everything comes back to source.. My source,, true source.. and we need to stop interfering with that…. we need to listen to our intuition and we need to learn to trust… trust…. trust….


So let the ego go…. let it release the beliefs that we are in identity with our possessions, our personality, our lives.. our work… our habits… our desire…. 

What we need to do is to learn to take our ego, that part of external worry and trying to meet other peoples need. 

Its not about what other people think.

What are you afraid of ? shift from fear to curiosity?Become curious about what frightens you? get on with it, observe it and get interested in it. Then take all the things you are attached to, start letting it go.

Oh yes small reminder… we came here with nothing, we will go with nothing… then take our control and let that go,, start to trust... letting go and letting god. trust yourself to no longer believe that yourself nor others need to be in control.

Lets develop a peaceful knowing that all is fine. Move away from your sense of entitlement.Shift from what people owe you. Be radically humble…. model allow, and just let it al be as it is… ” the Sage is kind to the kind, and kind to the unkind, because the nature of his being is kindness” The Tao Te Ching

We all walk on the paths we have chosen. Look at inspirations. For you to change from distrust to trust.. Change from I need more, to living in contentment. The mantra of the ego wants more. when really we come from nothing and return to nothing. Live in  state of being contented. ” Sages do not accumulate anything, but give to others, having more, they have more to give”  Isn’t that awesome.

So, we all know what this feels like. Its so important to understand that we can let go… we can release… we can be open to newness.. and change…. make it happen… let it happen.

Remember the 80 / 20 rule. Everything we have , all of your stuff. 20% is what you really use. 80% is never used.. its viewed, its stored.. lets let go oft he 80% you don;t use and give it away…. let it go.. when your cup is full. stop pouring…. Lets realise what we have and take the surplus and reduce them. Take the deficiency and fill it up.

There is no owing. You can practice living in a state of contentment. ” Change your thoughts and Change your life” 

Be inspired, be intending. Think good. Think about trust, you do not need more.. Move from rigidity in thoughts, be flexible, soft and allowing. THis is a massive transformation for each of us. We are so blessed and we have flexibility. Know that you are not locked in to anything. What is powerful to you. You need to remember that water is very patient.. and that water is understanding our own nature by understanding that the softness of water and the references to water and what we can learn from water is so relavent. Water can enter anywhere. Visualise yourself as water, where there is space, you can enter softly. Water nourishes everything , it is soft, weak. But for attacking the hard and the unyielding, there s nothing as powerful as water.  The way to experience water is to get soft, get yielding. Don’t grasp, don’t hold on, don;t be rigid, the less rigid you are, the more flexible, the more you can accomplish.

Be open, allow yourself to change your mind. You are allowed to change your mind. ” I don’t know” is ok. Its cool to not understand whats going on. Its freeing. You don;t know everything…


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Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

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Blessings in your positive thinking.