Maleny clinic open Weds for pop in herbal remedies


Hello and how are you today? We're at Eumundi markets and I wanted to get this blog out to you to say hello and let you know our latest news. 

Maleny clinic is now open on Weds again for you to pop in and get your herbal remedies, teas and organic body products. 

From 10am till 3pm each Weds we welcome you back to pick up your herbal supplies. We were closed with covid and now decided it's time to open the doors again. 

No bookings needed, call in at your convenience. We are open for these hours only on a weds so please call in and say hello. 

Maleny Open day on April 10th from 10am till 3pm. Chris Lane coming to play music again and we have herbal tea tastings and herbal cocktails. Call in and say hello. We will also be operating our free community clinics for you! 

Blessings and love Dom xox 


Thanks every one who donated to the flood herbal remedies 

Here is the update. 

Thank you to the naturopaths and herbalists who are representing us by distributing the free herbal medicines across two projects in the Northern Rivers. The Heal Mullum project and Community herbal care. By you doing this for us, it means we are in our herbal dispensary working away as usual. happy busy bees. 

We spent last weekend working here and it felt so busy. I also feel like we could never send enough relief down there as its a terrible post flood situation and our original vision and support needs more! So, I have left the flood relief purchase page open if you feel to donate a bottle of herbs, we will match you with another one! 

💚You have offered an extra 80 200ml bottles of herbs  so we now have an 360 x 200ml gifts for people in flood areas. 
10k in herbal remedies was sent down this week which leaves us some money to proceed with more help.
💚Our micro business gave equal to 200 x 200ml bottles  in herbs 
Then we made 160 x 50ml arnica nectars
💚We have given all this to the two projects operated by incredible people at Heal Mullum and Community herbal care. I see these projects joining arms in such wonderful community herbal care which is so needed. 
💚my vision is calendula nectar for skin conditions and also antimicrobial mould and digestive food poisoning from contaminated flood water and community social compromises in lifestyle and homelessness.
💚please help us still. We need to make up these medicines.we will meet you product for product again. 💚

This pic is me on Weds, exhausted and ready for the herbs to go south for the floods project. Thanks to everyone who supported this. It's epic and we are grateful. 

Today I'm at Eumundi markets and its nice to know the herbs are in good hands down south with healing mullum and community herbal care.