The perfect flu soup recipe with Ginger, ramen, miso and lemon.

This week has been a consistent stream of patients needing some nourishing and clearing soups for flu season. Theres a local flu here indicated by headaches, aching joints, tiredness, sore throats and feeling just like sleeping all day! 

Sound like you? or not? either way this is a great weekend to make this delicious soup recipe thats vegan yet wholesome and almost meaty! Its made with white miso, onions, garlic, brussell sprouts which are all great foods for the metal element in Chinese medicine. Yes, autumn time when we reflect and we get discerning about what to take with us on the journey ahead. Sometimes we need to cut out of habits, and sometimes we need to just let go of the congestion in our body with a good old fashioned Dom flu soup. Taking time to spend the day, the weekend or even one meal with this soup will have you loving its warming yet clearing qualities. Good for headaches, achey joints, tired bodies and giving our liver and blood the opportunity to cleanse and clear. 

Heres my recipe. 

White miso, lemon, ramen and ginger soup! 

Step one. Take 50 grams of dried ginger root and add 3 litres boiling hot water in a saucepan and boil for fifteen minutes making a good ginger decoction. Then strain the ginger root and pop liquid to one side to add soon. 

This is the colour your ginger decoction should be at the end. You are aiming for 2 litres of ginger stock. 

Step 2. Add two tablespoons of olive oil to the bottom of your soup saucepan ( 6 litres size minimum) and then add in four cloves of garlic diced and 6  brown onions  peeled and sliced. Stir well and fry until the onion and garlic are soft and hot. 

Step 3. Add in 100 grams of white miso paste and stir through with the onions and garlic. 

Make sure you stir in the miso paste and keep stirring until its all mixed an dthe onions and garlic take on the colour and paste. 

Step 4. Now pour in your Ginger decoction. ( 2 litres) and add in 500 grams of brussel sprouts cut in half.( you can also use diced cabbage)  Allow to boil for another 15 to 20 minutes. 

Step 5. Now add your ramen, about half a packet is good. keep the mix boiling. Squeeze the juice of three lemons in the soup and when its all cooked ( about five minutes) mix in 200 grams of raw greens. I added sliced snow peas today, you could add in any fresh garden herbs. Now serve.  We added chilli on the side. 


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