The most beautiful thing just happened.... The wellness zone arrived at our door from UK!

Just now, I was starting to write a blog, thinking up what I would chat with you about this week? our herbal vaccination support program you can join us on? or maybe talk about our open day here on Nov 21 when Chris Lane comes over to play us music? or shall I chat about the latest formulations we made? Our herbal first aid course in Ipswich on the 28th of Nov.... and then .... 

It happened. Jamin's out with our courier driver loading books on trolleys, I'm nervous as the first book that I haven't self published rolls in our door! 

Thanks AEON publishers UK, seriously thank you so much. You met met, we had a conversation, I sent you an ebook, you sent me a contract, I sent you a draft version thanks to my beautiful Sharon Windust who has worked with me placing info and editing all my books. Then you sent me an email and it was on a roll.

Released in the UK, Europe and America. Now on home shores.... Held up in a shipping container for over a month. And surprise surprise... You arrived here today. 

The presale price of $35 with the opportunity to win a $200 medicine room voucher is open now! You need to buy online, or pick up from Eumundi Markets or Maleny dispensary before and including our open day on Nov 21st. After that the book goes to its real price of $45 to $49. Not sure yet, the publishers will tell me. 

We are posting out the copies already pre purchased over the next week. Woot. so good. Expect yours in the mail soon! 

We draw the winners on the 21st Nov at our Open day in Maleny

You can but online now at special discounted price. 

We ask that you order sooner this year as postal and delivery services are slower than usual. We would like to have all posted by December 9th to beat the rush at Aus post. 

Australia post have given us the dates for deliveries in Australia before Christmas. 

December 12th final post for Australia delivery.

December 19th for express post deliveries. ( That is our final day in Dispensary before Christmas) 

Seasonal Christmas gift box 2021

You will love our make your own Gift box this Christmas. $100 

Exceptional value and a beautiful gift for your loved ones. 

1. One herbal skin nectar or body oil of your choice  100ml ( Value $37.90)

2. Two  herbal  moisturising skin balm 60g ( value $51.80 ) 

3. One  herbal skin spray of your choice 50ml ( Value $34.90) 

4. Herbal hand sanitiser 50ml ( Value $13.90)

4. Persian Rose petal and star anise tea ( caffeine free) to make a delicious celebration cuppa to share with friends and family. Contains Rooibos, rose petals and star anise! Simply add to boiling water in your tea pot and infuse for ten minutes! Add milk and honey if you like! or drink naked and warm!  50 grams vacuum sealed. ( value $20) 

Product value $158.50  plus we gift wrap and post in Australia for free. 

Make a note at check out what products you want. If you want us to choose products for you please say whether gift is for he/ she/they and approx age group. If you do not make a comment we will send you our choice of products and you will love our choice. 

Who is this for? Anyone who loves natural organic body products and aromatherapy. Fans of our Medicine Room products who will lap up the beauty and joy of this Christmas gift and be so grateful you made this choice of gift! 

Pre sales still open now for THE WELLNESS ZONE. we are hoping the books will be here in November. Please order now and go in the draw for $200 medicine room voucher. 

We have our open day in Maleny on  Sunday November 21st. Come and check out our dispensary and you could win some prizes on the day. Live music with Chris Lane 

Last Long table wellness day for the year is December 5th on herbal cocktails

Our Stress relief naturally course is full and running now. So exciting to offer these online courses with me personally guiding you through each week and your assignments. The next one is in Feb 2022 on Adaptogens . early bird open now until dec 19th with $100 discount. 

Christmas boxes now open for our 2021/22 Christmas $100 box. pretty awesome gift for your loved ones

Have a great day