The best recipe for Beetroot soup and why its so good for you!

The best recipe for Beetroot soup and why its so good for you!

The mighty beetroot has been one of my favourite vegetables because it is so good for us and tastes amazing. I'm still making lots of soup at the moment. Its winter and I love soup.

Think beetroot and fresh goats or feta cheese salads with a dash of mint. Roasted soft beetroot with olive oil and sea salt or today I'm giving you the recipe for Beetroot soup which we served at home last week when some friends came over. 

Here are some reasons why you might want to add Beetroot to your diet. 

Beetroot contains folate, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and iron, which are essential for various aspects of your health.

It  contains nitrates that can lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health by increasing your blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Additionally, beetroot is rich in betalains and betaine, powerful antioxidants that fight cell damage, reduce inflammation, and support detoxification. Beetroot is being researched as a mighty DNA methyl donor so it helps keep you energised and youthful! 

Beetroot may also enhance your athletic performance by boosting your stamina, endurance, and muscle power thanks to its nitrate content. 

 Beetroot may also benefit your brain health by improving your cognitive function, memory, and mood due to its effects on blood flow and neurotransmitters.


Recipe for our Mighty Beetroot soup. 

Of course I'm using our Nourishing organic vegan broth as the base and then adding all my other goodies. 

1. Make the base of nourishing organic vegan broth 1 litre ( or use your bone broth, vegetable stock liquid) 

2. Once its made we got 4 large beets and added them to the strained broth, added boiling water ( to cover beets) and salt to taste. Then simmered until the beets were all super soft. ( about 40 mins) 

3. Blend with blending stick and stir through a tub of sour cream ( we added 400ml or add coconut cream for vegan option ) and the juice of one lemon. 


See you soon and have an awesome week. We are so glad the Eumundi markets have fruit and vege vendors back on a Saturday. They also have a picnic lane where we can buy all things weekend delicious!  


Dominique LivKamal, ND is an award-winning naturopath, herbalist, and wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering you on your wellness journey.
She holds a Masters degree in Public health ( Health Promotion) Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine ) is a qualified Naturopath , herbalist and nutritionist. 
 She has three published books and is a constant student in wellness and life 
Dom also has a diploma in Journalism, is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and yoga teacher. 
Dominique is founder and naturopath at Medicine Room. She has developed the herbal manufacturing processes here for herbal extractions and has been offering free community clinics to her clients since 2004.