Roses as medicine is ancient and perfect for these times too!

Roses..... how can roses be medicine you ask? 

Well its pretty easy... 

One they smell nice... so nice in fact that they are the worlds most popular flower.

A lot of research  has gone into the rose... They are used for stress, anxiety reduction and can help reduce depression. All kinds of emotional melancholy have been healed with the smell of roses. The essential oil also helps us ladies at PMS time, and when you can't sleep research has shown that rose essential oils calms your mind and body and helps you get back to sleep faster. It's the super relaxing essential oil and used to celebrate everything from the birth of a child, coming of age, love, marriage, valentines and even illness and death. 

Each rose has a different meaning and using roses not only as essential oils and aromatherapy medicines they have also been used to send messages to recipients in the old fashioned and almost lost language of flowers. 

Red roses of course are romantic love... and the more you send... well thats all about how much you want to tell your beloved of your love. 

Pink Roses are also love, and they can be romantic ... more tineless, eternal and family love. Friendship love and trusted and steady long term love.... Love Love Love.... 

White roses are peace and purity, they are for baby showers, get well, and for weddings. They are for your home to help teh feeling of peace and purity.

Orange roses are for creativity, congratulations and for intensity and when something is super vibrant. They are for gradulations, congratulations and for success on a project.

The yellow rose is support, appreciation and platonic love. It is the symbol for Zonta International a womans philanthropy organisation. So they say you did good things in a good way.

Now when we drink the tea or make the extractions we are tapping into another side of roses that is also ancient and so good! 

Think antimicrobial and infection fighting actives to keep you strong and to protect your body from invading pathogens. Think emotional support and nervous system balancing. Anti-inflammatory and softening medicines. Yes the rose has it all. These are the traditional uses of roses and they are simply divine. Talk to us when we formulate your personal prescriptions and we can add in some rose if you like? 

The tea also tastes delicious. It smells like roses, it tastes like roses. Putting roses on your skin is also an ancient practice and as naturopaths we love the sensation of roses on our skin. In bath salts, oils and creams. Rose is just perfect. 

We love roses and wanted to share this blog with you! Have a great day 

Love Dom xox