Recipe for Mushroom coconut soup with adaptogenic health benefits.

Making soups is always a simple way to have nourishing foods. Easy to assimilate and delicious we made this mushroom and coconut soup for our long table wellness day on Sunday. 

The topic was adaptogens, we covered four herbs that are good to help balance your body and contribute to restorative, resilient and strong health care practices. Of course there are many more adaptogens, we have over a dozen here in our dispensary that we make for herbal formulations. On Sunday we looked at two really gorgeous " peoples medicine" adaptogens Withania and Asparagus. And we looks at two "regal adaptogens" in Schisandra berry and panax ginseng which is the original adaptogen that sets the bench mark for all others. These herbs all help the body restore wellness and they are added to drinks, herbal formulas and can be used as powders and in teas. 

In our soup recipe we made a shitake mushroom and button mushroom soup. Of course we added some other mushroom powders to the soup as many of the mushrooms are adaptogens in classification. 

This soup is fortified with the organic mushroom powders that we have here in our dispensary. By adding in the extra mushrooms you are effectively making a big adaptogen nutrition soup which is so healthy and delicious. 

Recipe for Mushroom coconut soup. 

1. Take 500 grams of fresh shitake mushrooms. 500 grams of button mushrooms or other fresh edible mushrooms and cut into 1cm pieces.

2. Dice 3 brown onions, 2 cloves of garlic and 1 bulb of fresh fennel. 

3. Place 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a big saucepan on the stove and add the onion, garlic and stir well. 

4. Add in the mushrooms and continue to stir while the mushrooms cook and soften. ( leave this cooking and continue to stir regularly until the mushrooms are well cooked, this will bring out the flavour of mushroom) 

5. Add 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and 1 tablespoon of runny honey. Then mix in your fennel bulb. 

6. Boil the kettle and pour 2 litres of boiling water over the mushrooms and fennel mix. 

7. Take 2 sachets of 200 gram pure coconut milk powder and mix into the soup. 

8. Add your other mushroom powders, We added 25 grams reishi mushroom powder, 15 grams Lions mane powder and 15 grams of cordyceps powder and 15 grams chaga powder. Stir in well. 

9. Taste your soup and add in any extra spices, herbs that you want for flavour. This is the time to add salt, pepper and any stock powders or flavourings you like such as turmeric, ginger and spices. 

10. Keep simmering the soup for another 30 minutes and give the mushrooms time to cook allowing the flavour to develop. Once you are happy and its all soft and cooked then get your blender stick and blend till almost smooth. 


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