Mushrooms are the blue ribbon of medicine!

Mushrooms are packing a big punch in the medicine world today! They are super popular and one of the reasons is that they are accessible to many people! They are easily grown globally, cheap to produce and a good food source. Research is backing up many uses for mushrooms and we can eat them in so many ways. 

Mushrooms have been called the vegetarians meat for many years and they are also packed with active constituents and nutrients making them a good medicine! 

These little bottles are our gift for the lovely people coming to our long table wellness day on Sunday here in Maleny. We are so excited! Layers of powdered organic mushrooms for experiments at home in cooking and body care! 

Today making a small joke as we packed these lovely glass jars with reishi, lions mane and cordyceps  in layers! "Mushrooms are the blue ribbon in medicine!" Likening them to Blue Ribbon icecream we ate as kids with layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla icecream! The best icecream! The best mushrooms! 

Then we laughed as we placed little gold lids on the top! "Gold tops," referring to the medicinal mushrooms that are emerging now!  The  research that

Psilocybin is showing up as an effective antidepressant and medicine in cited trials.

Yes, mushrooms are taking over the world of medicines in many ways and we are all celebrating this weekend in Maleny at our Long table wellness day. 

Mushrooms can be used in so many ways. I'm trying to decide whether for our workshop we will make a mushroom face mask or a mushroom and oil body scrub? What do you think? yes mushrooms can be used topically on the skin too. They feed the microbiome on your skin and offer nourishing support for the millions of flora and fauna that lives on your skin, keeping it nourished and boosted. It makes sense to me that if some of these mushrooms are good to boost our immunity from the inside! Then of course they will help from the outside! 

Then theres the tea concept! I decide to make a mushroom and berry tea! Yes, our guests will be welcomed with a ganoderma mushroom and macqui berry tea on arrival and some mushroom extract tastings! I love these days as we make a vegan lunch and yes, the star is mushroom. This time I think we'll make a shitake and coconut cream soup with some warming and nourishing salads! Who knows! Maybe we will add in some oyster mushrooms somewhere, and some fresh local field mushrooms always go well toasted and roasted with garlic and lemon juice! 

It's fun. This workshop day is fully booked. we do have three more coming up this year. July 18th Stress relief. September 19th Sleeping well and December 5th we are making Christmas cocktails. Book now as we have some places left in all of them. Make time to celebrate yourself one Sunday and come to our Long table wellness days! 

Oh yes.... we get our hands in the herbs! 

Have a great day. 

We have some Wintertyme tea boxes available and also want to offer you a 20% early bird discount on our next four week online masterclass starting July 26th. Womens wellness. Come and enjoy four weeks of fun with me! 


This pic is me at the herbal dispensary with one of our rose quartz crystals! We love the energy of crystals and enjoy them daily. This one is all about love, compassion, care, heartfelt emotions and self care! "Coming from the heart in all we say and do!" Much love and have an awesome day Dom xox