Looking the tiger in the eye! Autumn refinement and letting go!

Looking the tiger in the eye!

Autumn refinement and letting go!


It Traditional Chinese medicine the white tiger is a symbol for this season, Autumn.

So is the mirror and also the tree shedding its leaves! And the slicing blade of a sharp knife!

When Autumn comes the tress release the old foliage from summer,

It’s a symbol of release, letting go, refining and acknowledging that the old is finished with and the debris needs to be gotten rid of!


There’s not much difference between a tree and us! You might think so, but really we are all part of mother earth and we are all connected. The tree will excrete our oxygen, we will breathe that in! We will excrete the carbon dioxide and they will breathe that in!


The tree looks like an upside down lung! Its known as the tree of life. We have lungs as the organ of Autumn. It’s a good time to look after purification, opening the air channels, allowing more oxygen into the cells of our bodies….. that’s also often defined as cleansing.


But it’s a different cleansing to the wood element spring cleanse. This one is going deep.

Deep into the pockets of the large intestine, which is another organ of the metal element. The long held toxins that are deeply entrenched into the pockets of tissue. The old entrenched habits that need to be reluctantly released.


As you can see, its slightly complex. As we enter the mirror. ( another representation) Where those pesky personal issues come up and we have to face them. When those closest to us are reflecting our need for release too. It’s the time when we need compassion, patience and sheer determination and self discipline to get rid of the old and just leave it empty for a while. Not trying to replace it with more! Not filling the gap. Its about releasing


So go into the deep pockets of your kitchen cupboards, your wardrobe and your life. Say no to that job that no longer serves you, that old pattern that you can’t shift and open the door for some reflective and deep cleansing.


Its getting cooler in weather, so this cleanse is warm and fuzzy, slow and thoughtful. But its aggressive like the white tiger, targeting your prey and then pouncing to ensure a good result, a successful result.


It’s now your call. How will you treat the Autumn season. The metal element . Will you cut through all the old rubbish with a swift knife? ( the final representation of this element) will you just get on with it and clear up all that clutter, both inside your body and inside your home and your life? Or will you just let the season go by with the brush of laziness and let it all accumulate for another year. Till we get here again!


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