Let's talk about Detoxing again! Yes just for a day is enough

Hello and how is your week going? 

I want to chat today about detox therapies and how you can incorporate a detox into one day of your life! Yes just a little one day detox is all you need. And, to do that every week is even better.

I decided Feb was going to be focused on detoxing and have popped some videos up on socials and also want to share some blogs for you. Its always good to detox, for everyone. And the more often we do it , the more inspired we become and the less congestion we have in the body. This also helps us reduce risk factors for illness and keeps us energised. Sure, it takes work. But what doesn't ? 

Pick a day, any day. And make the call to cleanse your body for that day. Commit to the whole day and start at the end of dinner one night and take it to Dinner the next night. 

You need to make the detox a fruit and vegetable only detox or you can fast on pure water and herbal teas if you prefer. ( This will be stronger and more cleansing however if you are on any medications you need to talk with your health care practitioner first as there may be side effects) If you are free of medications and only take your herbs and nutraceuticals then its all clear! 

Here are a few plans you can try. Let me know how they go? 

1. Mono fruit for the day. Pick seasonal fruits like Mangoes, Lychees, Cherries, peaches, apples. What ever grows where you live and is in season now. Have that for the whole day and nothing else. ( watch your insulin levels and blood sugar balance if its sweet fruits) Some people have a fruit only meal each day  to help you flush poisons and toxins from the body. You can do this too if you like.  For your detox day have fruit only for the whole day until dinner that night and once the 22 to 24 hours is up then you have a vegetarian dinner. Go to bed early and the next day you may feel fantastic! 

2. The juice cleanse day. Yes this is fresh juices and those yummy green powders all day. You can add in some protein powder or bone broths if you like. Liquid all day! Mix fresh juices with bone broths. Scroll through my blog section of www.medicineroom.com.au and you will see I have some great recipes mixing bone broth or vegan broth with vegetable juices including onion, garlic, beetroot, carrot, celery and lemon. ( they are my favs) You can have as many juices as you like and you can continue it for longer than 24 hours into the next day and make it 36 hours if you like. Going a whole day with only juices and not having dinner that night. ( or have dinner and stop at the 22 to 24 hour mark) 

This picture is a glass of delicious lemon and turmeric juice that we made. Yes adding turmeric helps detox the heavy metals and hormones from the body. It also is anti inflammatory  and helps reduce inflammation and fluids in the body. Our super antioxidant turmeric.  You can also drink my morning tea blend on a juice cleanse or any detox plan as its full of the nourishing herbs to help clear the body of toxins. 

3 The water fast. Yes have only water, green tea, herbal teas, black coffee and do what we call a clean water fast. You can add a squeeze of lemon juice to drinks or a pinch of salt only. Nothing else. See if you can go from the end of dinner one night and then have dinner the next night. Your body will say a big thank you! 

With any of these plans you can end the day with a meal of vegetables and fruits only. No alcohol, no meats, no processed foods, no added anything not from the garden! Make it a challenge for yourself and the rewards will be even sweeter. You may find you sleep better, you have better hormone levels, you feel energised and you feel more vibrant! 

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Blessings and love, have a great week. 

Love Dom xoxo 

This is a picture of me and Share recently in the herbal dispensary. Share and our family are currently in New Zealand where they live and we wish everyone in Aotearoa a safe week. The cyclone Gabrielle has certainly caused havoc and Medicine Room sends all our family and friends Love, safety and healing at this time!