Healing summertime flu carrot and broth soup.

Healing carrot and broth soup is my favourite on rainy summer days when we are working away and I want great energy and healing for my body. 

At home we make a beautiful vegetarian broth by cooking lots of vegetables, with herbs and spices in a saucepan and then straining off the liquid. You can also use bone broths for the protein and collagen benefits. 

This soup is so nourishing and basically I have mixed raw juice from my juicer in with the hot broth for a healing soup. 

The idea came when I was on a month long juice cleanse at the end of 2021. yes, I went 27 days with just liquid juices and I added in broths around week three to add in some broths for the protein and other benefits. 

I had so much more energy when I combined the broth in with the juices and I felt so much more mentally alert and committed to the month long process of liquids only. Now, I make it regularly as my lunch , dinner or even have a day of cleansing on this soup accompanied by other fresh juices between. Juicing is King to me for resetting my body, cleansing poisons out and giving my digestion a rest with some nice microbiome resetting. 

Now that many people are falling ill with seasonal viruses and colds, flu like symptoms, aches, pains and needing to rest with no appetite for days on end. It seams a good time to share my recipe with you. This soup can be eaten as a mono food if you are sick. You can change the juices that you add according to the symptoms you are experiencing.I will add in some ideas. 

Healing summertime carrot and broth soup. 

Makes one litre. The perfect amount for one person as a meal, or two people as an entree. 

1. Take 500ml of either vegetable broth

That you have precooked or a bone broth of your choice. Place in saucepan and heat till its hot but not boiling. I have been using bone broth for the protein and sometimes home made vege broth. Either way its your medicine so do what your body needs at the time. 

2. Get out the juicer

Make the juice equal to 500ml with 2 cloves of garlic, one raw onion, 700 grams of carrots and one capsicum. 

3. Mix the juice and broth 

Stir it and keep warming until the soup is a heat that you can sip on nicely, not too hot. If you can keep the juices under 40 degrees then they will stay raw which has health benefits too. However if you activate the heat in the carrots and the garlic and onion then that is very good for your gut health. What ever temp you decide to heat this too, it's going be be epically delicious and healthy  for your body. 

4. Now the add ons. 

Add salt to taste, we all love and need some sodium in the body for electrolyte balancing. 

Add ginger and /or turmeric in the juicing phase if you have inflammation, pain or are feeling headachy. 

Add in beetroot for extra antioxidants and bowel cleansing in the juicing phase. 

Add a whole lemon with skin on in the juicing phase if  you have sinus , head cold issues, coughing or feel like you need some alkalising. 

Add in more garlic, onion and turmeric and ginger for extra antimicrobial  protection and remember you can add herbs to the broth as you are cooking it too. 

Even if you are feeling low, under the weather, unwell, ready for a cleanse, resting up at home, suffering from the flu or a cold. Then making this soup will nourish you, its a feel good food too as it tastes amazing. 

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With love Dom xox 


This pic is today in the library at our herbal dispensary. I wanted to write a blog and the topic was going to be stealth pathogens.... but the carrot soup won out as it tastes so amazing and I made it for lunch today! enjoy your day and stay well.