Introduction to inspire your Wellness Zone

Hello Lovely, 

How are you today? I wanted to share with you the introduction of my latest book The Wellness Zone 3rd edition. 

I have made this my blog today because we all need some inspiration and health and wellness inspiration is so good for us on many levels. 

When you have read the introduction I have also included the latest updates in medicineroom flood project and some info on our clinics and upcoming open day! 

Welcome to the Wellness Zone

My original comments in the first edition 2005 still hold true today and I have decided to keep them in print for your information. The Wellness Zone is a timeless health zone. There are some basic truths and simple techniques in natural health care that need to be passed on and that can help you immensely if you chose to follow folk tradition and make time to put your health first. I trust that by publishing the third edition of this book, I have contributed to your ongoing health care needs and services.

Every day, take a few minutes and think about your health, think about what you do to make your body well or unwell. Think and act. Exercise, eat well and mitigate any unhealthy lifestyle choices as much as you can.

Keep your body clean and that means keeping the acidity out of your cells and replacing toxins with good clean blood. Do what you can today to have a healthier tomorrow in every way. Too many people are mindless of their health care. Treat your body like the temple it is and give it the respect it deserves. Just a small amount of effort can bring about great results.

It’s easy to take good health for granted and that’s a real danger in today’s over-polluted, toxic and chemically damaged world. Even if you think you are eating well and aren’t exposed to many poisons, you are probably wrong. Most of us are exposed to too many pollutants, we need to look after ourselves and keep our health as our highest priority, ensuring that we don’t just become statistics in an over-subscribed public health care system.

Accept that we are not perfect, we are human and part of being human involves making mistakes with our health. If you think you are taking inappropriate medications, drugs or supplements, then talk with your Health Care Practitioner and make the necessary changes. Often there is no need to be on multiple medications which can cause unnesessary side effects, there are usually alternatives and your practitioner can help you with this.

I hope this book can help you too, I have tried to outline the best of the natural health care industry as I know it, from my experiences and studies. There is always a wealth of new information available and I enjoy attending conferences, reading research and exploring the world online to read, listen, understand and then interpret this information back to my patients.

If you are unwell, sick, upset, diseased, uncomfortable, depressed, irritable, hormonal, or just too stressed and too tired to cope, then I hope you will pick up this book, open it to the section that relates to you and read what I have to contribute about the subject. I want to inspire you in the knowledge that it can be ok again. I want to add positive aspects to your health care and I want you to know that your body is the most amazing self-healing organism if you can just stop, rest, relax, breathe, stretch, drink water, let the world go on outside your door and allow yourself to get better. Take the time your body needs to make yourself well again. Eat simple foods, take natural medicines, leave the fear behind you and trust that you will be ok. Also; research, communicate and find out as much as you can about your illness and take the best of the options available to get well.

Sometimes all we need to get well is a dark room, a comfortable bed, fresh water and silence. Other times it’s not quite that simple. But consider this, if we took the first option of rest when we felt the initial signs of any illness, do you think a deeper illness would follow? Possibly not. Perhaps if we lived simpler lives and didn’t get so mentally, emotionally and physically caught up in the busyness of the world, then we could conceivably enjoy optimal health.

The information presented in the third edition of the Wellness Zone is all my original work, most of it is reprinted from the previous editions which we have sold out of and are no longer in print. I have added some updated information.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as the last. I also trust that you will take the information and add it to your own research and experiences. Each system of medicine has its strengths and weaknesses. Folk, herbal and nutritional medicines are my passion, interest and career base. These medicines are what I write about and what I believe should be used as your first option for home remedies and healing simple illnesses.

Keep your immunity strong, your mind focused, your body clean and flexible, and your heart filled with love and you will have optimal health.

 The book is available to read now and I hope you enjoyed my introduction. 

Flood funding project 

Erin called me tis morning and said the demand for herbs was massive in the areas they are going at Northern NSW. There are only small stocks of our herbs left and now we need to make more and send more. 

We have so far received $2195.00 from my patient /client base for the herbs to be sent. We are matching that in product. So we have been able to increase the project from our original contribution of 200 x 200ml bottles $7000 in herbs to add an extra $4390 in herbs. This brings our project to the value of $11390.00 which is great. 

So far we have sent $9948.00 in herbal medicines and herbal arnica skin cream to two projects the Community herbal care and heal Mullum. We have also given herbs to some individuals who have suffered in the floods who we have approached directly, or have approached us. 

Thank you everyone who has contributed. 

It's not over yet. We have $1442.00 left to make up in herbs this week and the projects are also fund raising so that we can send more medicines. We are still asking you to help please if you can? If you can spare $35 then please click here and offer 2 x 200ml bottle of herbs to someone in need. Yes we are matching your 200ml gift with another one. 

Thats what we are doing for the whole project. What it means is that we are able to give more and instead of our micro business suffering as are able to match one for one in product and make this project sustainable. The original 7k in herbs was our donation. Now, every bottle you give is subsidising another one.... We can keep on giving. 

As people in the flood areas are finding out about these herbs they are wanting them. It helps someone who is stressed feel less stressed, we have adrenal recovery, immunity, stress and relaxation herbs. Nurturing and supporting people as they clean up this disastrous mess. 

Nathan has offered to drive our next batch down on Sunday. So we are busy Friday preparing more medicines. Thanks so much to all of you who have  contributed. You can text us 0409765033 if you want to pay money into our account directly. Or you can click online and help 

Maleny Clinic open to the public Weds from 10am till 3pm. 

Weds is visit Maleny day and call us on the phone to discuss your herbs day! 

Please come and visit us, we offer free community clinics and are happy to show you herbal skin care, formulate herbs for your health needs and to also make you up a personal herbal tea blend

Our herbal dispensary is a manufacturing space and we also create and develop our products here. It's been established in Maleny at 30 Coral street since 2016. 

( Medicine Room has been operating on the Blackhall range since 1999 and we set up this dispensary in 2016 to meet the needs of our community) 

No appointments needed. Come and see us and we will look after you. ( We are closed for festivals and holidays, see this page for notifications) 

If the weather is good you are welcome to purchase a pot of herbal tea and sit on the front garden area and enjoy some tea and conversations with your friends. 

Tea is formulated individually in a pot $10 a person ( to enjoy in our dispensary) and we give you the recipe so you know your tea blend.  Option to take home 100 gram bags of your own formula are $25 to $45 depending on the herbs you choose. We have over 80 raw organic herbs to offer you this experience. 


We have the awesome musician Chris Lane coming for a solo gig on our open day. Enjoy some earthy, beats from guitar, bamboo flute relaxing you as you sip herbal teas and cocktails.   

Open day Maleny Clinic. 

Sunday April 10th 

10.30am till 3pm. 

Come for herbal tea tastings, talk with our crew and enjoy music by our awesome friend Chris Lane. It's on again and the last one in December was so much fun. We loved hosting you and welcome you back. Come and sit and enjoy music while sipping herbal cocktails and teas and try our range of herbal skin care. 

Special offers and giveaways on the day! 

All welcome no bookings required. 

We are offering our free telehealth video clinics for everyone and welcome you to book now. 

book online 

Every Thursday and Friday we have telehealth and online clinic days. No availability to visit Maleny as we are closed to visits. However we are open for online consults and phone calls. 

We prescribe and formulate personal herbal medicines for you!  and you can also purchase a herbal tea formula made for you.  

Please call 0409 765 033 or book online 

Eumundi Markets weekly

Saturday 7am - 1pm ( if we are not in attendance a notification will be on our phone messages 0409765033 letting you know) 

No bookings needed.


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National Folk festival Canberra Easter 2022

Summit of herbal Medicine Sydney May 27th to 29th 2022


Dominique Livkamal

Master of Public Health (Health Promotion)

Graduate Diploma in Health Science

Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Diploma in Journalism

Diploma in Zen Thai Shiatsu and Zen Thai Shiatsu teacher

Kundalini yoga teacher as taught by yogi Bhajan

Qualified; public health advocate, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and journalist

In 2012, was awarded ‘Australian Herbalist of the Year’ by the Naturopathic Herbalist Association of Australia

In 2015, was made a Fellow of the Naturopathic Herbalist Association of Australia