Happy Hot day drinks. Recipe for refreshing Lavender and ginger summer spritz drink

Hello and welcome to our blog, 

Its super hot here today and this week is a real taste of summer. 

Making alcohol free cocktails is one of our favourite things to do on a sultry summers afternoon. 

Here is a recipe for Lavender and Ginger spritz. There are two versions of the recipe here, one is traditional shaken cocktail and the other is a big family size jug. 

Lavender is refreshing, relaxing and great to help reduce stress and support the nervous system 

Ginger is antimicrobial, stimulating and good for your liver and circulation, its also used as an anti inflammatory which is handy on a hot day! 

1. Take some glasses and frost with castor sugar. This is done by running a lemon rind around the edge of the glass and dipping in castor sugar to form a ring around the edge. 

2. In a glass jar or a Boston shaker with lid add in 1/2 cup ice cubes. Then add in 30ml of lavender decoction or extraction and 30ml of ginger decoction or extraction. 

3. Pour in 30 ml maple syrup and  shake. 

4. Once all mixed and chilled pour 45ml in each glass and top up with soda water.

Another way to do this is to make a strong tea of lavender and ginger. pop in fridge and cool down. Pour into a big jug 100ml of each, add in 100ml maple syrup, add a pile of ice and top up with soda or plain mineral water sparkling. 

Serve to everyone and enjoy! 

Happy Hot day drinks. 

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