Eumundi markets free community clinics celebrate 18 years

Happy 18th celebration for Medicine Room at Eumundi Markets. 

We have been going to the markets at Eumundi since 2004 offering free community clinics. This all started because I had finished working as a naturopath in Pharmacies, had started making my own herbal remedies and body products and wanted a platform to showcase my work.

I also wanted to learn what people wanted? I wanted to see what was needed in the natural health care sector and my intention was to develop a range of products from this information.

Little did I know! 18 years later we are there at the same market, in the same row and we are still learning. When i developed the model of free community clinics it was because I wanted people to talk with me about their health care in a market setting which is pretty untraditional in the health care world. I wanted you to trust me and to give me a go in helping you with better wellness outcomes.

I have a policy for the markets. If we can get there we do, if we can set up we do, if we can trade we do! Sometime's the weather has been challenging and some days we just want to sleep in after a busy week in the herbal dispensary. We get up, we go and we have coffee! We just keep on doing this service because we always love it and its a good day out!

In 2005 the first edition of my book The Wellness Zone was born. A lot of that information came from my free community clinics and in answer to the common concerns and questions you were asking about health care. I'm grateful to be of service and be able to offer this clinic now as its been our core model since we started at the markets. I can thank all of you who chat with me for the inspiration of all my writings. You give me food for thought in so many ways.

We carry that model across all our platforms. Telehealth 25 minute free video clinics online for those who can not make it to see me personally. Telephone clinics for those on the move. And we have our Maleny free community clinic operating again on Weds each week now for those who want to experience our home base herbal dispensary.

We welcome you to come and say hello. We keep records of all consultations in a professional manner, even though you are standing or sitting in a market with w whirl of activity around us its still personal and we are able to provide you with a personalised herbal remedy to help your wellness.

Our online shop has our full range of herbal teas, body products, online courses and event offerings. We don't have our herbal remedies online as they are only available by talking with us in our free community clinic environment. Whether it's a phone call to chat, a booking online, a visit to Maleny or a call in at the Eumundi markets or a festival we attend, we are here to help you with naturopathic and herbal assistance.

This Saturday we will have some of our Hemp and chocolate Easter gift boxes for you at the markets.