Blue Lotus: Ancient Wisdom Meets deep calm. Recipe for Blue Lotus Mylk.

Blue Lotus: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Relaxation

The Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea caerulea)—a water lily that graces ponds and dams across Australia—holds secrets whispered by ancient civilizations. Let’s dive into its rich history, its psychoactive properties, and how it can enhance your relaxation rituals.

So many people are asking us for our raw Blue Lotus Organic  Flowers for teas, the extract in your herbal formulas and the beautiful body products we make with it. 

The phrase I use for Blue lotus is Deep Calm. Whether you are stressed and use it during the day to shift your energy into a very relaxed state. Or if you take it at night before bed, you will certainly feel the effects in a deep calming way. 

Taking a small therapeutic dose of blue lotus is recommended for those who are not taking any pharmaceutical medications, For those who are wanting a deeper calm in your mind and body and for anyone at the end of a busy day who just wants a deeper sleep. 

As a naturopath I can add the extraction to your herbal formula, we also have the organic flowers here you can buy for tea.

The popularity of Blue lotus led me to formulate it into some gorgeous body products. I'm sure you won't get the same relaxation, however its a nice touch in body products and the link is here. 


Origins and Sacred Medicine


  • The Blue Lotus has its roots in Egyptian medicine, where it bloomed for thousands of years. Its been used in every medicines culture and is especially associated with Isis and the Ancient scolls of Oracle wisdom that reigned for thousands of years in Egypt. 
  • Rituals and ceremonies embraced it as sacred plant medicine, connecting seekers to higher realms. Which is why many people are using it now in rituals, ceremony and for a sacred path to wellness. 


The Active constituents Within:       

  1. Apomorphine: This psychoactive compound dances with dopamine receptors, infusing happiness and euphoria.Beyond mood enhancement, it aids muscle control in conditions like Parkinson’s disease and even addresses certain intimate concerns.
  2. Nuciferine: An antipsychotic gem, nuciferine whispers calmness to our restless minds.Imagine sinking into a tranquil pool, worries dissolving like petals on water

Blue Lotus Mylk Recipe

We first made Blue Lotus Mylk in our 4 week long sleep course in 2022 and many of my students from there still make it today. Its a delicious before bed drink that really sets the mood for a good sleep. 


  • 1 teaspoon dried Blue Lotus flowers
  • 250ml plant mylk (choose your favorite: soy, almond, or oat)
  • 1 teaspoon honey (adjust to taste)


  1. Mix Blue Lotus flowers with your chosen plant mylk.
  2. Heat gently in a saucepan (avoid boiling).
  3. Sip this fragrant potion—an invitation to dreamland.
  4. Honey sweetens without keeping you awake; sugar, however, is the mischievous sprite we avoid.

Coffee Machine Hack

  • Got a mylk frother in your coffee machine?
  • Mix, froth, and warm your Blue Lotus Mylk—the perfect prelude to slumber.