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Zen Thai Shiatsu Fire element balm 60g


This is a warming fire element balm made with love for the Zen Thai Shiatsu community. I am a Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner and have a deep love for body work. 

Represented by the Hummingbird on the front this balm is warming and stimulating with a high vibe. 

This balm is made with organic herbs, Tulsi and ginger . We used hemp and oiive oils with essential oils of wintergreen, camphor, tulsi and eucalyptus. 

Body workers use this balm on the body when you need to bring in the warming, stimulating and healing energies these herbs and oils offer. 

You can use it at home on the body for warming purposes, really lovely around the back and neck areas. Relieves stress and tension

This is the second in a series of 5 element balms for Zen Thai shiatsu. We welcome practitioners and participants of massage and body work to use these in sessions and invite your patients to take one home for further benefits from treatment. We also have the water element balm ready now. Want more than one balm? Buy our three pack and add this to your collection 

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