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We are all on our own journey to wholeness, plus our latest schedule.

Hello and welcome to my latest Blog.

In this blog / newsletter I cover info on my journey, your wellness and also our latest schedule. Thanks for reading this and we welcome you to contact us as required for nutritional, naturopathic and herbal medicine support.

I’m so positive that this year is a time for us all to become consolidated in who we are and to do the internal work we need so that we are able to express ourselves in a positive and helpful way to others. There is so much information around about development and self empowerment. Its great that we can learn so much from these sources and I hope that this blog/ newsletter uplifts you and helps you in some way.

We meet so many beautiful people in our clinics and naturopatic consultations. It always inspires me how well everyone is doing in your lives and how we all can overcome adversity in our various ways.

Everyone I know faces adversity… and the sign of developing our character and our inner resilience is our ability to step one foot in front of the other and just get on  with it… Its one of the things I respect and love about everyone I meet.

It doesn’t matter who you are.. No one else will see whats going on unless you choose to share it. The people we admire and look to for advice are al the same as us.. we are all going through our stuff… our personal challenges.  Every day we all face something that may be challenging and offer us the opportunity to become the victim… or become the master of change…Its important that we take these moments and we think.. then we act and respond to the world in a solution based manner. That is to look at the issues at hand and to think ” How can I influence this in a way that will help everyone?”

Personally I have just come out of a really challenging phase in my personal life. I was married for 30 years and made the decision to leave that relationship because I felt that I had no choice. When I say that I mean to say that the marriage was not where I could see myself in the future. It was the hardest decision I have made in my life and I had to live with the consequences on many levels. Now I am at the tail end of that decision and in a new world where I am alone  and independent. Its really good for me. I am learning new ways to respond to situations and I am learning a lot about self love and development. I know that I need to keep on learning and growing and that I need to have respect, compassion and love for those in my family who travel on this journey. I also know that I made the right decision.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball at us and we need to make the tough decisions. I did that and know there are more to come… Its the same for all of us. Sometimes we just need to do that because if we don’t, then we will be always thinking about it and then we don’t act.. and if we don’t be true to ourselves, then we will miss what we need to do. Its called following our intuition and trusting in life and trusting in the fact that there is more unknown than that which we know. I hope that made sense to you. I guess I’m trying to encourage you to listen to your heart and be heart driven in your decisions. Just because something worked for you in the past does not mean it will be there in the future.. we all grow we all learn.

These decisions can be anything. We all travel our path. It may be work, home, relationship, lifestyle, addictions, education. Its when we have to step up and out of our current patterns and be open to new environments that will help us become our optimal selves and bridge that gap between our ideal self and our actual self. If you find yourself questioning your life in any way, then I recommend that you address it with help from friends, family and counsellors, mentors and people who are supporting you. But most of all. Its intuition that guides us and our trust and belief in the divine independent journey we are all to take. Make time for meditation, silence and reflection in your life so that you can discern the real changes you need to make from the illusions that may distract you from your journey to wholeness. Be brave in life.. and make decisions that benefit yourself and your loved ones for the highest good of all. That means being open and honest in communication and finding solutions to your issues. The sooner you face it with grace and compassion the sooner you will see the solutions… I wish you the best.

It all comes from the inside.. So its important that we find our daily ways to deal with our own minds and our lives. Personally I have my Kundalini yoga Sadhana each morning where I do my yoga Kriya and meditate with specific chants, mudras and meditations that were handed down by Yogi Bhajan to help release what no longer serves us and clear our energy and protect our energy. It makes me feel good. And thats what counts… You may walk, run, do yoga, meditate, surf, or reflect on your life in whatever way helps you. But whats most important here is that you do it.. that you make time for you and you make time to make the changes you need within so that life can flow for you in harmony and peace. Each us us need’s find our own way.. my way is not your way.. Please note that I am sharing my journey openly so that I can encourage you to do the same. Please contact me if you want to visit me on this topic.

On that topic of hard decisions and the fact that we all go through our own journey. I want to say that you need to keep your nervous system strong all the time. For me its the most important thing with any client I see. Anyone who has worked wth me in Herbal medicine knows that I believe we need to get rid of the fractures and weakness in our nervous system on a regular basis to develop resilience and increase our capacity for clarity and wellness. It doesn’t matter what the condition is you have with your body. You need a strong nervous system and a strong emotional body to cope. Please talk with me about herbal solutions.

The best herbs to help you strengthen your nervous system are hypericum, chamomile, valerian, tulsi, damiana, melissa, rhodiola, hops, and at the same time adrenal recovery herbs such as liquorice, ginseng, withania, asparagus and maca. We love formulating for you. So please chat with us. Its our core business to provide you with the best organic herbal formulations to help you on your lifes journey. You know we make them all here in our dispensary in Maleny which you are welcome to visit for a private consult with me.

Upcoming Events you may be interested in attending. 


Beautiful Tamara is at the tail end of her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and we are doing Clinic hours here. The cost is $25 per hour and Dom will be supervising. Make your booking with us. These clinics are all about your diet and your nutritional plan. Tam has been very well trained and now is ready to talk with you about this. We welcome any people who want to loose weight, who have chronic illness and who want some sound advice and willing to change your diet and choices of foods to develop optimal health. Herbal medicine will also be prescribed at an extra cost. To make your booking call us or email.

KUNDALINI YOGA  will be on this weds the 1st Feb 2017 and then off for a few weeks. We start again on 22nd Feb 2017. Please join us. No bookings needed. 

Kundalini yoga classes in Maleny are finished now for the year. We will be back at Maleny Yoga Centre 4pm Weds afternoons end 5.30pm. $10 per person. No bookings required please just come along any week that suits you. We will offer warm up, Kriya, meditation with mantra and mudra. These classes are based on relaxation  inner healing work with me on a Weds afternoon. I combine my knowledge of healing and wellness with yoga.  resumes on Weds January 18th. BYO water.


Dom is presenting at Earth Frequency Festival. The medicineroom stall will not be there this year due to our busy schedule. However on the 19th come and hear Dom present about Festival wellness and care. Before, during and after Festivals you need to take certain steps to help you stay well. Adrenal and nervous system care.  Dom presents about many aspects of Festivals and she has a huge bank of Knowledge. As a programmer of Woodford Folk festival and having operated free clinics and herbal first aid in many festivals for years Dom knows what you can experience in these events and offers simple strategies for your wellness.

MARCH 5th MALENY… Herbal Skin Care and First aid day 

Come and join us for a one day workshop on Herbal skin care and first aid. We operate our regular herbal first aid service in Festivals and events, plus our Surfers first aid service in Sri Lanka and soon in Bali. Learn all about natural skin care to keep your skin in optimal health and first aid at home with Dom’s simple strategies. We have incorporated skin and first aid together because this day is all about Topical skin care to help prevent skin illness and to help you use herbs and kitchen remedies for acute and chronic skin conditions. Whether its an injury or an ongoing condition we will show you how to relieve the condition and how to reduce skin damage, scarring and help you recover asap. $100 per person. Includes lunch and Dom will show you recipes for skin wellness. Book via phone or email to our dispensary. Limited numbers. These workshops are small and everyone gets the attention you need to help you meet your needs of the event.


We are Silver level sponsors at this event and will be running our free herbal clinics and first aid service again  Plus our divine Herbal elixir bar in the evenings. We are part of the new LIVKAMAL sponsored stage in the market area and many well known wellness professionals and health advocates will speak on this stage Saturday and Sunday. Dom will also present here and we know you will love this event. Come and join us.


We will be operating the medicneroom there with our free clinics, beautiful products and delicious herbal elixirs.  Dom will be presenting twice. There is a  free Herbal first aid demo for one hour and also a presentation on Immunity and boosting your health as we come into the cooler months.. We love this event and hope to see you there.


This is such a popular day with Dom, Are you in pain? Do you have inflammation? Come and spend the day in our Maleny Herbal Dispensary with Dom and learn strategies for relief. $100 per person includes lunch. Book through phone or email.


This one day workshop with Dom is hands on with strategies both with bodywork and nutritional medicine that you have in your kitchen at home. Learn the processes of digestion and how your body responds to different foods and how you can optimalise your digestion. We do not advocate supplements and this workshop is all about what you can do at home with natural foods. Includes lunch and Doms digestive enzyme recipes. $100 per person. Book via phone or email.

HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN  November 11th and 12th 2017  at Maleny Please sign up for our newsletters on this web site to get personal notifications for future events

Thanks for reading this and please come and see us at our free clinic at Eumundi Markets on Saturdays or join us at a festival, come to our workshops in Maleny and connect with us. Make a booking for your personal consult with me in Maleny which are on weekly.

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Best wishes and with Love

Sat Nam

Dominique LivKamal