Your metamorphosis to energetic wellness

Your metamorphosis to energetic wellness

At the very core of your health, when we get down to the nitty gritty of what drives our health, there is only one master, and that master is energy. Yes, energy is the master of your health and when you focus on this quality, then you can manifest awesome health for yourself in every way.

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There is the energy of your physical body, your actual mechanisms of health. Your bones, your muscles, organs, hormones, skin and hair. Thats you. The beautiful temple that carries around the rest of you! This body is best cared for with nurturing foods, quality nutrition, adequate and appropriate exercise, good lifestyle choices, clean air, clean water, adequate rest and living in a peaceful world and having resources and sustainability in the world of mother gaia.

Your physical body energetically needs to have the best you can offer it in  these areas. To do this we can enhance our health by listening to the body and knowing intuitively when to rest, when to crank up the exercise, when to eat, what to eat and what herbs to take. There is a beautiful herbal adaptogenic formula that we love mixing for people where we take the physical qualities of enhanced energy, repairing and mitigating damage and honoring our physical body with elderberry, echinacea, withania, gotu kola and ginkgo biloba. This blend works as a beautiful full body balance on the physical level and will repair cellular damage and also enhance the strength of the cells and your organs. It works on the whole body. Usually we would make this for you during winter to help fortify your body and also strengthen and maintain DNA and RNA processes.

Foods to eat now are also important, think of gathering your energy, think that now is the time of the year to really strengthen yourself and gather your resources personally on the physical level and the foods to help with this are garlic, ginger and lots of slowly cooked vegetables and casseroles made with miso, seaweed and local fresh vegetables. eat eggs, they are so building and full of protein. Tempeh and make some delicious fresh cheese and avocado salads. The energy in the food we eat is directly transferred to us, and we become that same energy. So, think about where foods come from and think about what is really nurturing and nourishing for you! then eat that. You will thrive.

The energy of your energetic body  Now we get into the unseen. The meridians, the pressure points of the body that exist yet unseen, the chakra system, your magnetic field, your presence, your vibration that is felt, your unique signature of the unknown and the unseen. Where more is unknown than known, where you feel emotions and you feel love and joy and pain and fear.

Ways to help your energetic body are Kriya Yoga, such as Kundalini yoga that targets the energy fields directly in every practice. Shiatsu and massage are very good too, specific styles such as Zen Thai is targeting the meridians and pressure points whilst offering a energetic massage therapy. You can clear your chakras with breathe work, swimming in water, consciously thinking about each one and visualising this cleansing. You can do the best for your energetic field by keeping good energetic company and making sure that you spend time with inspired and positive people and you can help this whole area of your life with some awesome herbs.

Some of my favorite herbs to help with energetic fields  are olive leaf, hypericum, passionflower, astragalus, ginsengs, and maqui berry. The seaweeds are great too. In fact you can really use herbal medicine very effectively in this field as you think about what qualities you want to adopt energetically and what you want to use the herbs for specifically. You may want protection, enhanced health in specific chakra areas, cleansing or projecting. Its a magical area when we start playing with energy and herbs. So much power in there for us to tap into and its life changing for many patients who we work with in this way. A little witchy craft in with the herbals and we get some beautiful healthful energetic shifts in the body. Energetic medicines are so powerful when we are going through transitions in life too, so please come and talk with me about these herbals as they are a passion of mine. Or email me, call me, come to the free clinics weekly.

The energy of your mind and its compartments. Your thinking mind, your automatic and manis mind, your visualising mind, your analytical mind, your compartmentalising mind, your logical mind, your intuitive mind, your unconscious mind, your meditative mind, your higher self. Your mind that stops and allows stillness and peace, your mind that chatters all day and all night, your mind who worries and lives in the future  and decides what other people think too! Your mind who assumes, who presumes and who usually doesn’t have it all worked out! yes our good old mind uses so much energy that we need to wonder where it all comes from.

Your beautiful mind who can create your reality. Make decisions that will either help or hinder your health. Your beautiful mind who needs retraining from old programs into the new programs that will serve your best interests. Yes, that mind is the healthy one. The mind that is open and allows you to be yourself, to follow your pathways in life and to accept, listen, learn, grow and blossom into your best and highest self. Thats the mind we want to give our precious energy too.

And, of course we have herbs for this too. The herbs I just love for the mind are calming, focus driven herbs that allow us to stop, or to go. There are two almost opposing states of great mind space that I love being in and they both require clarity and a clear mind. So, thats the first aim with herbs, to create a clear mind and our old firnd passion flower is the queen of clearing the mind. Then you can either aim for a meditatiave parasympathetically relaxed and in the moment state of mind, in which case we have some awesome herbs for that such as bacopa, brahmi, ginkgo biloba, melissa, chamomile or you can aim for the mind that is focused, on the job and ready to really be swtiched on, which is where our friends the ginsengs are supreme.

Herbs  are extensive , the ones I have listed are just the begining of the beautiful syncronised arrangements you can design for your mind, body and energy level. Oh my! I get so excited when I start to think of the amazing cross overs between herbs on each level and combining them to really help you. Then add in some beautiful foods that are our core of life, clean air, clean water, great exercise and some beautiful therapies and we are creating and manifesting a beauitful body that will see us in health and that is the true wealth in life!

There are so many different ways to view energy.. there is potential … and thats the one where something can happen and could happen but is in the abyss of the physical realm, and hasn’t actually happened. It might happen, it might not happen. There there is kinetic energy , where it happens, it is moving and shaking itself into reality and the energy has taken flight into the physical realm as an actual event in its own right.  When it comes to your own health, don’t let your self be a potential energetic let down, if you are going to be potential, then be pure potential. Pure potential to be amazing and beautiful and healthy. and when you manifest that into kinetic energy, make that a graceful and complete Metamorphosis into the truly  beautiful temple of radiance, light and wellness that serves your highest good in all ways.

In my Books THE WELLNESS ZONE and THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE I go into so much depth and detail which can help you empower yourself, pick up your energy levels and feel great.

Here is your mantra from this blog 

” I am pure potential for beautiful boundless and graceful energy. I manifest my health as the highest expression of wellness, intuitive lifestyle choices that serve me beautifully for a wholeness and healthiness of mind, body and energetic soulfulness”

Now write it down, read it, say it, do it!

Blessings Dominique Liv Kamal

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