Woodford Folk Festival…. here is our Folk Medicine Program 2016/17

Woodford Folk Festival…. here is our Folk Medicine Program

So excited that we have now launched the Woodford Folk Festival Program 2016/17 

The Woodford Folk Festival is celebrating  music, arts and creativity from December 27th2016 till January 1st 2017. This is our home festival  where  we celebrate the festive season in the most beautiful way… 6 days and nights of beauty, enchantment and connection within the landscape of exquisite culture.


The Folk medicine program aims to showcase cultural and popular trends in wellness,planting  a seed of understanding about being healthier.

When you attend the Woodford folk festival there is an air of excitement day and night. The place is pulsing with street activities, stalls, food, and venues playing some of the worlds best folk music and offering amazing workshops for everyone.

This festival is just buzzing with choices and the folk medicine  is one of those choices.. This year our program moves across the blue lotus, hill top stage and the village green. We also incorporate wellness aspects  of the speakers program in The Blue Lotus offering diversity and education.

Start at 6am on the hilltop with unplugged yoga. We offer Iyengar, Zen Thai Flow and Vinyasa flow. Move to the village green for some morning tai chi ,qi gong and then stroll across to the blue lotus venue enjoying some herbal teas from local stalls on the way. Move and groove to yoga with live music each day. Enjoy health and wellness talks and workshops on improving your health status. Join in some conscious dance classes  then  clear your chakras and blow away the cobwebs with our international line up of presenters. Flow your way through the festival interweaving our peaceful and healing vibes with the pulse of summer beating through your veins.  We offer  exercise, education, wellness strategies, conscious dance, movement and bhakti yoga. Relaxation and rejuvenation. Come and enjoy the experience with us.

Check out the program online www.woodfordfolkfestival.com or you can buy printed copies at selected outlets which are listed on the web site. Opportunities are still open for volunteers in this event and there are tickets available on line too.

Folk Medicine 2016/17

Presenters and Facilitators

These are the people who will grace us with their presence and share knowledge and many years of refining their arts of wellness, movement, dance, music and health advocacy. 

Bec Jenkinson

Researcher, maternity consumer advocate, feminist and mum, Bec is passionate about empowerment birth and mothering.


Brian Day (OAM)

One of Queensland’s pioneering gay rights activists, Brian is currently interested in LGBTI ageing, Pride, ADAHOT and the safe schools project.



Travelling to India in the 1990’s gave him a taste for the potency
of devotional music and Bhakti yoga. Chris’s music is
a blend of extensive influences with
his original style of guitar and flute, creating relaxing and sublime melodies
and beats.

Chris Young and Jane

Occupational Therapists Jane and Chris came on different professional journeys
to a common point of fascination with human movement.
Their approach to finding optimal comfort involves guiding people in
explorations of the interface between sensation and pain.



Daphne Tse and Friends

Daphne is a spirited, soulful artist and teacher originally from Texas.
Her passion for music started from a young age and she has travelled
extensively merging her spiritual practice with her contemporary
folk singer/songwriter style.



Debby Gould

Director, author, presenter and birth consultant. Debby supports women as a part of Birthtalk.

Dr Veronique Chachay,

Veronique lectures and researches in nutrition science at the University
of Queensland. Her talent is in translating nutrition research findings into
immediate application and benefit of the public.

Elemental Embodiment

Earth Goddess Shamanic Tantrika sharing her gifts as the creatrix of
5Elements Dance Activations globally for 25years helping
people to release, let go, set their spirits free and come
full circle to the heart of Humanity


Elizabeth Savina

Speech Pathologist, Singer & Choir Leader, Elizabeth is an experienced
voice therapist. She is keen to share her passion for healing the voice
and using the voice for healing

Gai Lemon

A celebrant and death midwife, Gai has long advocated on behalf of LGBTI people in Queensland. She is passionate about creative, transformative peer education for change.

GeorGina Kelly

Supporting women in embracing the transformative feminine power of pregnancy, birthing and mothering for the last 20 years, a homebirth midwife, midwifery lecturer and the creator of The Art of Mindful Birthing Workshops.

Gwyn Williams

Gwyn Williams founded Zen Thai Shiatsu after many years as a wellness
avid sportsman and yogi.
The Zen Thai Flow is a triology of yoga asana, partner flow and therapeutic
body work.




Australian based musician and composer Haitch is known for his musical
fusions. Incorperating world flutes, didgeridoo, brass and resonant
vocals. Joined by live band, Haitch is dynamic and engaging


Jill Bolen

A Queensland police officer who resigned in 1993, Jill has since held various positions in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Changing the old adage “no rest for the wicked’ to “no rest for the retired’

Jim Hodgetts

Organic pioneer farmer, permaculturist and founder of Live Organic Vital Energy, Jim connects local farmers with the local community and supplies them with the freshest non-toxic and chemical free produce on the Sunshine Coast.

Justin Sinclair

A pharmacognosist, lecturer and herbalist. Justin has been researching and studying the botany , morphology, phytochemistry and therapeutic applications of cannabis for the last 15 years.


Merryn Jane Penington

Merryn is a body therapist who uses her intuitive qualities and inquisitive
nature to develop potent and practical teachings
Merryns passion is the integrative
relationship of structural and energetic body systems

Michael Thomsen

A naturopath and advocate for the improvement of the care of cancer patients, Michael is a PhD student at Sydney Medical School investigating the use of probiotics in reducing adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Narada Dan Vantari

Authors and independent researcher from Byron Bay. Representatives
of the Resonance Project. Narada offers unique multi-media presentations
on sacred geometry.



Pratima Mumford  

Passionate about astrology for four decades, Pratima has given readings to countless people including David and Iman Bowie. She focuses on tracking the influence of the planets against our global society.

Rachel Reed

A midwife, writer and speaker. Rachel’s PhD thesis is titled Midwifery Practice During Birth: Rites of Passage and Rites of Protection.

Rod Ferguson Tai Chi Master

Learn techniques from Master Rods training with Grandmaster Khor,
other Masters and health experts around the world makes it easy
to access these Ancient arts as part of our mindful health practices


Sally Meredith with Sun Hyland

Sally share’s a deep understanding of alignment, bandha and breath
technique. She balances creative whimsy with ancient wisdom.
Come be guided on a flowing journey with your breath, body and heart.

Sam Beau Patrick

Born and raised in Tassie Sam has an avid interest in nature, health and
hormones. Authoring five books, one a best seller, Sam will
stimulate your imagination and leaving you smiling


Sherrelle Dolphin + Kate B

Kate & Sherrelle have worked together for many years, intimately weaving music and yoga to bring you a full sensory experience, cultivating a sense of deep presence and invites you into your flow


Maree Oconnor and friends

Maree & friends are Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers. Running a Yoga center
, Osteopathy, teaching in London ” this group are charged with
dedication from practice & studies across Australia to India

Tracy Gray with
Stace Callaghan

As a yoga teacher, trainer and yoga therapist, Tracy guides you to flow in
your practice to nourish and heal your body and mind.
Flow with a live soundscape by Stace Callaghan. 

Tashi Lhunpo monks of Tibet .

Tibetan monks of the Tashi Lhunpo monastery in North India, masters of Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual.



Vanessa Rudge
with Dubarray

Vanessa Rudge has teamed with Dubarray to create a fun, flowing yoga
workshop. Learn simple yoga flows then join them into a larger
continuous dynamic moving meditation.


Please check out the web site www.woodfordfolkfestival.com for all information about this event. 

Woodford 2016/17 program here online

Best wishes and see you in December at our beautiful festival

With Love Dominique Livkamal Folk Medicine Programmer.


Member of the incredible Programming team on behalf of everyone who is part of our event. A Huge Thank you to our Head of Programming Chloe Goodyear. Program Manager Kylie Southwell and Administrator for programming Jacqui Allman.


Please check out our web site www.medicineroom.net. We will have our organic herbal medicines and body products at the Woodford Folk festival and our stall is located right near The Blue Lotus Venue. We offer you wellness and joy.