Winter sunshine and other immunity boosting tips for the cooler weather

The sun is shining today and its feeling really wintery and cold. Theres a southerly breeze sweeping across our mountain and we are all thinking about winter now! Its here.... Well it feels like it.... 

There are so many great ways to avoid colds, flu's and wintery ailments. Simple strategies that you can use daily to help yourself and your loved ones stay warmer, and feel healthier. 

Last week I was talking about citrus fruits on my film clips, it was all about eating those delicious lemons, oranges and mandarins to help stay strong, get your vitamin C, help repair adrenal glands and increase energy, plus sweep toxins out of your liver. These are all good reasons to increase your consumption of fresh  seasonal citrus fruits now! 

Other tips for you to stay healthy now are to stay warm... Yes rug up. Keep your feet warm and your body warm. Drink warm beverages, soups and keep away from cold and frozen foods.  Have a warm glass of fresh lemon and water each morning when you wake up and repeat the same drink last thing before bed at night to flush toxins and keep your liver warm and happy! 

When we eat warm foods were are stoking the furnace and that is what Traditional Chinese medicine refers to as the triple heater and many warming winter foods stoke this furnace that feeds our whole body with nourishing wellness. 

Think warm foods like ginger, garlic, root vegetables, and have a little chilli in your foods. Take nourishing foods and herbals. Tonics like liquorice root, nettle  and rehmannia really assist in strengthening your adrenals, blood building and general energy levels. 

Herbs to help boost your immunity are astragalus, ganoderma mushroom. shitake mushroom, cats claw, echinacea. Add in some great antimicrobials like chilli, andrographis, olive leaf and cinnamon and we have a great recipe for wintertime wellness. 

Enjoy the sun when its shining, stay warm and keep yourself feeling stong with my ideas today. 

My recipe for ginger Lemon honey is this one today! 

2 tablespoons fresh grated ginger
juice of one lemon
honey to taste
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 litre boiling water
Add everything to teapot. 
Warming and helps fight infections. 
Good cough, cold, sinus and flu relief

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This is me this morning in the cold, sunny Maleny community garden at the Maple street co op. I think this pic says it all.... sunny and cold! 

With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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