Whole body recovery for optimal wellness

Whole body recovery for optimal wellness


We have been talking with lots of people about whole body recovery and how to optimalise your wellness. To be energetic, vibrant, happy and focused on your projects is something we all want to develop and maintain.  Have you been clear in your mind? have you been feeling positive about your life and the choices you are making? In this blog I plan to cover some of my favourite tips to help you today!

To be really healthy and function to the best of our ability we need to consider whole body wellness. This is taking into account your physical body, your mind, your emotions and your outlook on life. Sometimes small tweeks in what we do make all the difference. We can think we are well and we can be feeling physically well while there are underlying and chronic inbalances to other aspects of our health. This can result in negativity, emotional stress, depression, pessimistic views and lack of drive. To help us feel better we need to take action in all of our life and be the change we want. Yes, its a matter of small changes that can make a big difference.

Whole Body recovery can take time, as we refine our lives. Here are my tips. 

  1. Make time for you. Yes this is important. Be present with yourself and be aware of how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing all the time. Be conscious and make sure you breathe deeply into your body. Pulling in quality oxygen. Breathing is the fastest pathway to relaxation and stress relief. There is a technique where you stop every hour and take three deep breathes. This is a great way to start the practice of conscious breathing. You can set the alarm on your phone so that you do this. Note the difference you feel after the breathes? Observe your whole body and see whether it makes you more relaxed. If so, keep doing it. Remember that oxygen in every cell in your body is fuel for energy and peace.
  2. Do the things that make you happy. Its our own responsibility to create our life, its also our responsibility to create our joy. Don’t look outside yourself for validation. Look within and make the refinements in lifestyle, diet and career choices that work for you. Then act on it… Do what you need to do… its no one else’s job to be you… everyone else is taken. So make yourself the best version of you that you can…. this leads to an acceptance of life in ways that allow opportunities. Drop the judgements and old story lines. be open to new experiences.
  3. Eat well. remember that we need to keep our cells clean and healthy so that we have good cellular replication and create new cells that are of high quality. Essential fatty acids, heavy metal chelators and proper balanced nourishment count at every meal. Eat what makes you feel good and nourished. My book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE is a great guide to what foods will help you with specific ailments and wellness strategies.
  4. Look after your physical self, emotional self and mental self  to be healthy and balanced.This involves the use of herbal medicines and nourishing foods to target and focus on recovery and repair of your adrenals, your nervous system and calming your mind. In the video I have attached to this blog I give some great tips on herbs to take now at the end of winter to repair and restore your body.
  5. Have a morning practice and do it daily. This is your Sadhana. Yoga, walking, surfing,  making love, meditating, sun gazing and journalling are some ideas. Put yourself in your happy place at the start of the day. In Kundalini yoga we practice Sadhana so that we can let out the garbage that is in our minds and release what no longer serves us so that we can start each day afresh. This is the process of un layering ourselves so that we come to the core truth of who we are and are able to be simply ourselves without the bells and whistles that can create disharmony.
  6. Love and be loved. Give and receive, be generous and accept generosity, forgive easily and let things go that are not for your best wellness. Holding onto anything that isn’t going to help us only takes up excess weight and no one is paying rent in your body to hold their grievances and opinions there. So, be the most loving and generous person that you can be within the boundaries of your own self love and care. Make time for your loved ones and make your loved ones a priority. Have the feeling and nurturing of your friends, family, co workers and public that your meet daily. develop healthy relationships and allow each person their own quirky ways so long as they don;t hurt you and you don’t hurt them. Be kind and be compassionate to yourself and others.. this is a really important factor for keeping your mind, body and emotions healthy. One really nice practice is the old ” Random gifts of kindness and selfless acts of beauty” where you just be kind and gift something to someone daily.. just one, then it grows and grows.. Soon you are a giving kind soul everywhere.

Enjoy my video.  



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May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

Blessings and have a great day


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