Wheres your inner peace? Om Shanti.... Shanti om

Are you peaceful? You you feel calm and ok within yourself? 

Peace is a prize...Its a reward for having yourself together and in tact. Its the result of a life lived well and a mind kept in order. Like a garden, your mind needs weeding and cleansing too.... Why don't you do this today? 

Thats my question today as we are one month into detox season.

Yes its a month ago that we started to clean up our acts with the seasonal spring detox therapies.  How are you going on that idea? started yet? or are you resisting? maybe you are like me and full swing into the processes.

Liver cleansing is  carrot and lemon juice, fasting, cleansing on fruits and vegetables, keeping out the processed foods and reducing alcohol, drugs and medications.  Then purification of our blood is best done with silica, garlic, fresh antioxidants and lots of oxygen in our bodies. To cleanse our digestion we need to remove parasites, putrid old food build ups and clear the way for great microbiome and clear assimilation of nutrients. 

Yes,  lets move into mental detox mode... our mind and feelings of peace.  We are the master of our mind.. it is not the master of us! remember that... because if you just let your mind go wild it will move from one topic to the next very quickly and lead us into all kinds of anxiety, emotionally tangling, depressive, frightening, exagerated and over the top themes.... We can become our own reality drama series.... and its our decision about how we learn to keep that under control. 

We want to  clear our mind and create a sense of focus, meditation, stillness and reflection. This detox is done with meditation and breathe work. Its done with processing daily activities and sifting through the compost of our minds to release the old thoughts that no longer serve us and to become clear minded! 

The detox diet here is to limit technology, yes thats right. Turn off your computer and phone. Its also done with silence... no music and no distractions..... why not try that for a whole day? two days? across the weekend? Its a thought. 

Just listen to you! Thats the voice in your head that talks to you... Mr Monkey mind needs to be expressed and felt listened to before he will respect you enough to shut up and let you have a peacefulness! 

Process what you need to process. Write it down if you need to, burn the paper afterwards.... you don't need to go back over your psychological purging. This helps create clarity and moves confusion, shifting its energy. 

Take some silent meditations.... and you know what... You can do yoga silently too. Yoga was originally a silent practice and I'm sure that 5000 years ago the yogis didn't listen to playlists while they were practicing.... No they were letting monkey mind talk and learn to settle down into peaceful silence. You can walk in silence, dance in silence, make love in silence, open up your heart with nature in silence. Create silence rituals for yourself!! 

To sleep well at night is often the result of having already processed the daily actions and already having sorted through the files in your various mind areas and feel ready to sleep well. This is where you will see the results of this detox plan... Just try it for a day or two and see how it helps you! Turn off the radio in your car! Take those headphones out on the train... Yes... I'm serious... see whats going on within you without the cluttering external noises of life... 

Herbs to help you have peace and a restful mind are all the nervines, sedatives and also mind herbs and brahmis.  Take a great herbal blend and add that to your silence... see how it helps. 

These  herbs include valerian, chamomile, st Johns wort, skullcap, passionflower, lemon balm, oats, gotu kola, bacopa and ginkgo biloba. Drink herb teas or take some extracts to help you sleep better or to help you create mind peace.... om shanti shanti.... 

Calendula taken as a tea is awesome to calm your digestive tract and calm your nervous system when detoxing... Help yourself everywhere you can.... Its so important to feel calm, cool and collected... This mind detox will do that for you.. release the anxiousness and the tension after a good weeding!

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