Whats your signature for wellness?

Everyone I'm talking with this week is intense! Busy and feeling like we are achieving our goals, ticking the boxes in our lives. Lots of people are finding that their immunity is compromised at this same time. Whys that? why would you be feeling vulnerable with your health when everything else in life is all forward movement? 

Its because we need to stop, tune in to our body and know our places of wellness and illness. To know the differences between our fine lines, tight ropes of health can make all the difference in how we cope with stress, busyness, success and we keep developing our capacity... 

Papaya always helps me feel balanced! what helps you feel balance? Often immunity and digestion have a part to play in our signature for wellness! 

The bottom line is your personal signature for wellness.

Everything has a signature, an essence, a place where it is at home. 

Your wellness is no different. 

There is a certain vibration, frequency, comfort level that you feel and know that you are well? or not well? 

I can only ask you to reflect on your life now, look at whats strong and whats needing attention. If you find that your life is compromised in any area then do what you can to rebalance. 

Thats so important, we often over look small signals, the signs that we need to make a shift now to avoid issues later on. What do you sense? 

I'm happy to chat with you about this aspect of your health . Sometimes its the difference between success and feeling great in the process. 

My best tips right now are 

1.Keep your immunity strong as this cooler weather sets in. This is achieved through good rest, good diet and also eating warming and nourishing foods. Stay warm. 

2.There are some great herbs for immunity such as cats claw, ganoderma mushroom, shitake mushroom, echinancea. Taking antimicrobials like olive leaf, andrographis and papaya are so good too. A small dose daily is all you need. 

3. Eat Garlic, onions, and all those foods that are white as we are in the season of the tiger... yes folks , its still autumn and that means cutting through the details to get to the facts! and it also means white foods, discerning decisions and cutting away what we no longer need mentally, physically and emotionally. In traditional Chinese medicine this is the time to really get on with the projects and make them successful. 

4. Be fierce about your life, be strong about your needs and be soft in your approaches to what you need to do.... Soft and reflective. Another symbol for this time is the mirror, the reflection. So, what we see in the other is what is in us! This is easy when you have a great intuitive trust in the mirror! Not so great when all the heavy stuff is being reflected back. So, when that happens look after your nervous system... 

5. To look after your nervous system you need to take vitamin B, nutritional yeast is good and its cheap. Eating brown rice and also taking herbals that support you like kava kava, st johns wort, valerian, oats, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower and lavender all help.... 

Let me know if we can help you. 

Find your signature for wellness and make sure you keep developing it. Then you are more resilient, have a greater capacity, are gentle, happy, at peace and feel beautiful. 

Oh, and if your wondering how to even detect your signature.... start today.... reflect on how you are, make notes, do this every day.... see if you feel the balance. It takes time. But well worth the journey. small steps. xoxo

We love looking after you with your naturopathic and herbal medicines! We love making you beautiful organic and herbal body products... We want to be successful in our field and we want to offer you the best..... Thank you for your support in return for our love of this work! 

Our next long table wellness day is June 9th in Maleny. Its all about immunity boosting. 


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You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body

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