What is a good oil our presentation plus Woodford Folk Festival!

Its summertime and we are all really busy in the herbal dispensary making balms, nectars, herbals and formulas.  Yes, we’re at Woodford folk festival for 2017/18 located right next to The Blue Lotus venue. Thank you so much everyone who comes to visit us at our free naturopathic herbal clinic. This year our team are all qualified naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and we are open from 7am each morning until 9pm for herbal support and love in the festival.

Summer is coming… its time to smile!

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Here at medicineroom we are so excited for this summer! Its time to get out with nature, enjoy your life and follow your passions! Yes its fire time, its the flowering of what you have been planning through spring time and its time to cool down in water when you need to relax! Thats right. In Traditional Chinese medicine summer is the time of flaming manifestations! In my eclectic world of medicine its all about enjoying the fruits of your labours and making hay! Yes that old saying is really about creation and manifestation of wellness, health, beauty and joy! So smile, enjoy and stay healthy with plenty of fresh air, nourishing foods, exercise and relaxation.  Keep your attitude positive and uplifted and keep your body bouyant and well nourished with lighter summertime foods and fresh fresh fresh as your theme for diet and lifestyle!

How you can make that work for your health and wellness?

Herbs are our first medicine and this summer you can take a really beautiful tonic that will boost your energy, enhance your adrenal glands, keep your metabolism stable and keep you on top of the heat! Talk with us and we can formulate for you.

Some ideas I have are echinacea which works on boosting immunity, keeping you strong and energising you on a cellular level. Adaptogenic herbs are great at this time of year as they balance the whole body, lets have some siberian ginseng, ashwanganda ( withania) bacopa and a dose of beautiful Olive leaf to boost us and help us increase our cellular energy.

After all that detoxing in spring you must be feeling energised and ready to take on the world! This is great, however we need to look after our body, keep our heart calm, keep our body cool and pace ourselves so that we can achieve our best projects with love and passion. Summer foods are red, orange, and did you know that eating foods at room temp is better for your body than cold food? Yes thats right, this makes your body temp stable and allows your metabolism to be optimal.

Eat 50% of your diet raw at least. Grow delicious summer time vegetables in your garden and enjoy the fruits  of the season. My book The magic of food as medicine is a wonderful guide to fruits, vegetables and herbs and allows you to know why these foods are your first medicine! Keep adding lemon juice and quality vinegar to your diet so that you have good liver function and keep mucous in your body at bay! Add in some quality oils and make sure you get enough protein. about 30% of your diet is perfect protein. Not too much, not too little. Keep it balanced.

Keep up your vitamin B! we love brewers nutritional yeast for this and its cheap at your local co op and health food shop. Vitamin B is a co factor for the synthesis of protein and helps make super enegised new cells in your body. Its also a vegetarian source of Vitamin B 12 and folic acid which makes tis a must eat food for anyone who doesn’t have yeast allergies!

Please call us or email me for wellness assistance! 

I am presenting at Woodford Folk Festival almost Daily in The Blue Lotus.  Its been a few years since I graced the stage at woodford and shared some of my herbal medicine wisdom and learnings, so I am pumped to be doing this for you! I will be doing two cooking demonstrations on THE GOOD OILS and KITCHEN PHARMACY that are educational presentations from my books! Plus I am leading three forums on wellness with some leading advocates and experts on health and wellness. Its exciting and I would love to see you there. So if you haven’t got your tickets yet? please come and say hello!


We have a special for our lovely medicineroom community. Call us 0409765033 or email us wellness@medicneroom.net and you can have my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE for $20 with any order you place between now and Dec 20th. 

Summertime Smile Medroom gift to one lucky client this month 

We are also giving away a christmas pack of Herbal skin balms and body products valued at $200 to one lucky person who orders from us between Dec 1st and Dec 20th. Yes, all you need to do is place an order either online or call us, or visit us at our free clinic at Eumundi markets any Saturday between now and 20th of Dec and you will go in the draw for this beautiful pressie from us! So connect with us, order your herbs, your body products, or your chrissy presents and go in the draw. We will post this out to our lucky winner as our summertime smile!

We will be at WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL from Dec 27th Till January 1st.  Offering our Free Herbal clinics, elixirs, medicines, body products and herbal first aid. Its such a beautiful event and personally I have a big investment in Woodford Folk festival as I program the Health and wellness there.  The Medicineroom will be located right next door to The Blue Lotus Venue again and  our crew will look after you so well. I will be on stall every day from 7am till 2pm and my team are Darina, Andy and Tamara. We will look after you with herbal supplies and wellness.

Our last free clinic  for 2017 at Eumundi markets will be Sat 23rd Dec and then we are back at Eumundi on January 6th. 


Tuning in to the beats of wellness, dance, yoga and music!

Its exciting that we are able to tell you about our event High vibes on the mountain planned for January 20th plus 21st 2018.  This is an event I have been working on and want to share the details with you!

Here is the link to our web site www.highvibesonthemountain.com  We offer you a 20% discount on full event pass. Instead of $188 you pay 20% less simply by using our promo code  Love you 

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Please visit the web site and view the program and details for each 90 minute presentation plus ticketing details. 

About this project. 

As you possibly know I have been dedicated to wellness events for about ten years now. Its such an honour to be a programmer at The Woodford Folk Festival and our leader and mentor Bill Hauritz has been a big influence in my life by teaching me about festivals and giving me a role in this event that allows me to grow and develop my passions and skills. I did a masters in health promotion to help me understand events and wellness better. So now, after two pilots we are presenting our event for two days, across four venues, 39 presentations of 90 minutes each over two days in Maleny township.

 I am so grateful that my friends have come to the party this summer and are joining us for our event in Maleny on January 20 plus 21st 2018.  We have such a great line up and I want to share it with you here in my medicineroom blog! 

Our presenters are
Gwyn Williams


Kevin James Carroll

Si Mullumby


Chris Lane

Melissa Borich

Sally Meredith

Sarah Parsons

Kate Gadenne-Parsons

Brett Gadenne

Ben Sarah Parsons

Oriya Voice Weaver

Katja Hofmann

Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne                                              

Michelle Collier

Margot Cameron

Merryn Jane

Chirone Shakti

Shakti Hollett

Narelle White-Ryan

Sandeep Gupta

Sam Manger

Kirsty Namaste

Elizabeth Hill

We even have a spotify playlist

Use 20% discount promo code LOVE YOU when you buy your ticket now!


Supported with gratitude and friendship by these amazing people who see my vision and support this project. 

Campaign Group,New Earth Cafe ,Holistic Bliss Magazine, Woodford Folk Festival Byron Spirit Festival, Barking Owl media, The Maple Street Co-operative, Eumundi Markets, Kirsten Browning, LivKamal, Maleny Yoga Centre, Spicers Tamarind Retreat, Maleny community Centre, and all the presenters and their wonderful business. Please support them all!
Ticketing online now!

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My book The Wellness Zone is out of print now. We sold 10,000 copies and now offer it to you as a download, 100% by donation.  This is 368 pages of wellness information and your guide to optimal health.

The Wellness Zone Ebook




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May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

Blessings and have a great day

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Herbal Skin Balms, nectars, perfumes and books available online. We hold our free clinics weekly at Eumundi Markets, we also attend some really lovely events where we offer our free services. Make a phone call to chat with me about herbal medicines and your needs with naturopathic services. We are open Tuesday to Saturday weekly

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Best wishes and with Love

Dominique LivKamal


Master Health Promotion

Award winning herbalist , naturopath and health advocate.

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