What do you know about mushrooms?

What do you know about mushrooms? They have been ever popular and quite the hype in natural medicines for a couple of years and are only going to become more popular as we look for sustainable and effective plant medicines to keep us healthy. 

Its understandable that everyone want in on the mushroom revolution. They can be grown on waste lands and old coffee from the expresso machine. They can be grown in many places and are super adaptable in climate and conditions. Families can grow them at home and have good nutrition with the added benefits of real useful medicines. 

This picture is Ganoderma Lucidum. Its the king of mushrooms and was considered a royal mushroom for centuries as it was hard to come by and used by the elite in China. This mushroom is known for longevity and for agelessness, amongst many other virtues we love our Reishi ( common name). here we extract five mushrooms now and we are loving being involved in having these wonderful medicines in our herbal dispensary. 

Mushrooms are a true case of food as medicine and a true case of the peoples medicines. So what do you know about them? What to take? when to take it? how to grow them? how to cook them? how to use them as medicine? Which mushroom is best for me and why would I take that above other herbal solutions? 

Join me and mushroom guests at our next long table wellness day in Maleny. June 20th from 11an till 2pm. $55 per person. We have some places available. 

We will help you understand mushrooms more. Take you on a journey of wellness with mushroom extract tasting, workshop and lunch! 

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