What are your triggers for seasonal illness? How can we reduce them now?

Hello and how are you? This is strange for us today as we are usually at Eumundi markets  for our free community clinic and having coffee by now! As you have possibly heard the markets are closed for now until further notice. 

We are operating in a new way and you can call us 0409765033 or email us wellness@medicineroom.net and we will help you with our free community clinics as always ( just not face to face at the moment) 

Jasmine from mums garden

Heres a pic of some Jasmine from my mums garden a few weeks ago. Its so pretty and aromatic. However some people get sick when they smell these powerful plants. Allergies and illnesses that you have are often triggered by the environment. So be extra careful now to stay away from triggers. Luckily this one doesn't effect me. I love jasmine so much for its relaxing, purifying and beauty. 

This is a topic I have been thinking about a lot this week as many of our patients have not just one concern with COVID19 effecting your body, but many concerns. What about the current illnesses you have now?  What are your allergens and triggers for illness? How can we help you get on top of that more and have less risk factors for the viruses, flus, and winter illnesses that are coming our way this year? 

What if you already have a cough, cold or upper respiratory illness? Then I would advise treating it as much as you can now and reducing the illness so that you are stronger and more able to cope with oncoming illness if that happens.

Drink lots of herbal teas, take some cough, cold and flu relief herbals, We have our blend with andrographis which is one of my favourite lung herbs, it helps reduce the infections in your lungs and also goes to work in the liver eliminating excess microbial load, effectively clearing our your system. We have thyme in there for lung health, echinacea to protect and enhance your immunity, liquorice root to soothe and clear illnesses and energise your body while working hard to balance your adrenal energy plus nettle which is the herb for oxygenation, lung strengthening and reduces illness in the body whilst strengthening. 

Drinking chamomile tea is good for reducing coughs and excellent for the lungs too. So is Olive leaf and stopping the nasal and throat mucous drips with herbs like fenugreek and elderberry. For sensitive peole , especially children and the elderly taking chamomile extract is very effective to protect the lungs and reduce coughing. 

If you suffer from asthma now is the time to take essential fatty acids and stay in clear environments where you are not triggered by factors that could bring on the asthma. Stick with your current plan of clean fresh air and non contaminated and synthetic exposures. Add some Olive leaf for antimicrobial action and nettle for extra oxygenation  to your herbal regime and keep those lungs as healthy as possible. On that note do this if you are prone to allergies of the respiratory system. 

I have lots of patients who have Lymes disease, ross river fever, epstein barr virus and other conditions such as auto immune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, lupus, inflammatory conditions, debilitated health and people recovering from cancer, acute conditions and other symptoms where you feel less than 100% now.  I think taking extra doses of adrenal repairing formulas and strengthening your system as much as possible so that you have more resilience is the best solution. Rehmannia, ginseng, adaptogenic herbs, skitake mushroom, and gotu kola can all help you now. 

 I highly recommend staying as close to your best health as possible and this involves eating well, resting, getting exercise, applying all the recommended hygiene and social distancing as possible and staying in connection and communication with your loved ones. We are all challenged at the moment and its great if we can relax a bit, stay clam and not get stressed over what might happen! 

If you are on a herbal blend now for your health please talk with me as we will need to review it and we will reformulate to give you an extra coat of armour and some extra protection over this coming winter flu season. Its only March now, but I like to work ahead and if the statistics are right and if we are going into this pandemic the way the research is showing, then I want to help you with herbs if I can. 

We are offering 100% free online and phone consults now. These are for the same time you would normally spend with me in the markets, 10 to 15 minutes and we will formulate your herbal blends to meet the times. 

Also we are offsetting costs on all postal orders. To help you through these times and in appreciation of your support in our free community clinic and herbal dispensary. 


We know it's tough for everyone and we want to send a big thank you for continuing to get your herbal medicines from our clinic. Things get expensive and we know that often you are looking after multiple members in your family. To help offset costs we will post all extra large postal bags at our expense . This is all orders over $300 will be freight free.  This is a 100% offset. There is still freight for herbal medicine  orders under this amount and we are paying an offset on these too through Australia post and packaging costs only charging you the actual postage. We are encouraging you to get your winter supplies now while transport is available and supplies are in stock.  There is also  free freight for herbal body products over $50 on the web site. 

If you  are a customer of Fresh Box deliveries and we will arrange to have the herbs sent out with your order from Fresh box. So thats another way we can get you your herbs freight free. We are offsetting this freight for you too by paying them to deliver to you.! So a huge thank you to Freshbox for coming onboard with us. 


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am thrilled that I was able to make something super practical for you that is currently in need. Herbal hand sanitiser.  

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Herbal aqua ethanol and distilled ethanol vinegar, glycerine of Elderberry & Papaya. Essential oils of Lime & Grapefruit.  Very small amount needed for protection and cleansing. 

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Order now and give your hands kindness and love whilst you are cleansing and purifying them.

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Here are the latest statistics where you can see live statistics globally. I am consistently shocked at how the numbers just jump overnight. And I am also impressed with the responsibility we are all taking to curb the growth rates of this epidemic and potential threat to our wellness. 


Please keep in contact with us and let us know if we can help you. 

ALL clinics are now free herbal services via phone 0409765033 or email www.medicineroom.com.au click message box. or email wellness@medicineroom.com.au. We have time to help you today! Call us or email and we will make sure you get your medicines via post asap. 

The only charged service we offer is a 60 minute online consultation which is only for people with very complex issues who do not want to use our free services. 

We hand make our organic herbal medicines for our patients exclusive use. We trust we will have good supplies to help you through this time. Please contact us sooner rather than later if you want herbs formulated and posted. We don't know what changes will take place and what sanctions and restrictions will be put in place by our authorities. 

Let us help you when you are busy, conscious of your health and wanting simple doable solutions. We can have you feeling well and vibrant with our consultations, conversations, herbal medicines and practical daily dietary solutions that are organic, natural and great value. 


You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

Have a great day and take care 


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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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