Wellness Recovery Tea Limited edition

Our Wellness recovery tea is refreshing and was made today for you to try when you visit our herbal dispensary this week. 

We only made a limited edition, so if you would like to try some here it is! 

60 grams of tea in a glass jar. 

Made of the following organic dried herbs 

Peppermint, fennel, milk thistle , chamomile and withania. 

I formulated this tea to have on days when you don't want to eat so much, its got the herbal qualities used traditionally for digestion,( peppermint and fennel) liver cleansing,( milk thistle) relaxation (Chamomile) and also restoring your  energy ( withania) 

This is a personal favourite. 

Everyone coming to the dispensary today is able to enjoy this tea as a complementary tea tasting. 

"The taste is fresh, minty and fennely, with a hint of withania and chamomile... I can hardly taste the milk thistle, the bitterness just didn't make it past the other flavours. It's something to drink when you want that soft freshness in tea" Dom xox . 

We have ours hot, but I think it would be good iced too. 

Reasons to drink this tea. 

you want a digestion healing day 

You are fasting 

You are unwell or recovering from illness 

You like to have fresh cleansing teas 

You like the taste.