We invite you to Herbal first Aid in Ispwich/Chuwar This Sunday.

Hope with Brooke are hosting us to come over for a herbal first aid day! 
We invite you to join us. 
Here are the details. 
For millenia humans have been turning to the forests to not only heal but to thrive.
Is these modern times of pharmaceuticals, we have forgotten how valuable plants and their gifts are to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.
We warmly invite you to join us as we journey with Naturopath Dominique Livkamal as she shares information on herbal first aid and how herbs can be simply added into your acute healing processes at home.
Dominique presented at the ICNM (International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine) in London in 2019 to Allied Health Care Practitioners about how to incorporate herbs into their clients health care plans.
In this three hour workshop you will learn how to use herbal compresses, extracts and therapies for home care and be able to safely add herbs to your daily healing effectively.
This workshop includes education, practical know how and a delicious vegan lunch.
After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to chat with Dom about your personal health care and purchase herbal medicines and organic body products.
A herbal first aid kit valued at $75 is also available as a special addition to the workshop for $60.
Please let us know on booking if you would like Dom to make you one and bring it.